Notes from the 6th grade team

January 19-23

Important Events

January 15: No School

January 18: No School

January 20: Social Studies Test

January 22: Math Test

This week we will be moving to writing and solving equations that use multiplication and division. We will still be reviewing adding and subtracting equations. Also a new Study Island assignment has been sent to each student. Just a reminder, if students do not finish their stations at school, they then become homework.

Have your child explain how to solve this problem. If X + 15 = 38, then what is x - 17?

Have your child bring in the solution and work to Mrs. Alexander, and we will put their name in a drawing for a prize. Good luck!

If you need to contact your math teacher, please email at Trish Alexander, Coleman Lee, Angela Lipscomb, or Laura Williams

This week in science

Monday: We will be learning about earth systems: the four main spheres, atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.

Tuesday: we will learn about Earth's interior: the different layers of the earth's surface

Wednesday: We will be doing a Minerals sort

Thursday: We will learn about the characteristics of minerals

If you need to email your science teacher please click on the link: Lucy Shrout or Angela Lipscomb.


In Social Studies we are beginning work on Ancient Egypt Projects. Students have been given a copy of the instruction packet to take home. They have been asked to share it with their guardian, and bring it back signed on Thursday, January 14th.

Students have asked to choose something about Ancient Egypt. This week we will be researching the topic of their choice in class and the library.

If you need to email your Social Studies teacher, please click on the link: Heather Yates, Jeremiah Hoskins

This Week in ELA

We will continue with chapters 2 and 3 in our unit for The Watsons Go to Birmingham -- 1963. Main idea, summary, and author's purpose are on Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, our focus is on argument writing as we build a character analysis. We will work with reading skills in guided reading and punctuation of quotations is also on the menu.

Homework is reading 30 minutes per night or more recorded in the reading log. For students using Google Classroom, you can check out your child's progress on assignments through the week by opening the classroom page. Thank you for all your support with improving reading through practice!

If you need to email your English Teacher, please click on the link: Nathan Tramel, Wendy Ford, Josh Howard, Jeremiah Hoskins