Book summaries

Scene Summary

Brian goes on an airplane to go see his dad and he has never flown before. He is very scared. and When they are flying the Pilot has a heartattack. Brian freaks out. He tries to fly the plane and get ahold of someone on the radio. but the signal is lost. they crash. now he is stranded, He finds food and makes a feast.. Does he get rescued??

Book paragraph

This is a picture from the book, when the copilot starts having a heart attack. Brian has never drove, or rid in a plane before so he didn't know what to do! He tried getting ahold of someone on the radio but the connection was so bad that it was lost. Brian freaks out and he doesn't know how to fly!

He doesn't know what any of the panels or buttons are. but he kind of knows how to do the gas pedals because the pilot showed him. But then he swooshes down to low and crashes. He is now stranded and doesn't know what to do, he gathers food and makes a tiny feast.

Does he get rescued read to find out