ICEF Academic Newsletter

September 7, 2015

Welcome to Week 4!

Four weeks in already! Let's keep the positive momentum going!

Academic Team Calendar

A Rainbow of Colors! Calendar now includes Ryan, Marie, David, Nimat, Shannon, Antoinette, Stephen and John Knight (see below!) However, please see Academic News below regarding Mr. Gomez' schedule.
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Upcoming Dates

September 16 - ICEF Cadre Day, Location TBD

September 17 - Directors' Meeting; ICEF Board Meeting

Instructional Focus

Last week, the Instructional Specialists and ICEF Academic Team conducted walk throughs at all school sites on 2.2A, Behavior Expectations. Based on these walk throughs, we determined that many school sites still need to continue the PD on 100% expectations. We want to see consistent 2.2A at 100% of all ICEF schools!

And continuing from last week's on 3.1A Communication of the Learning Objective -

  • Just because the objective is posted, doesn't mean the students know it.
  • Just because the teacher states the objective, doesn't mean the student knows it.
  • Just because the students choral read it aloud, doesn't mean they know it.
After communicating the objective, have students turn and talk to share with a partner what they're going to be learning.

News, Helpful Hints, and Reminders

From the Academic Team -

  • ILT (Instructional Leadership Team) meetings should be in full effect. (If you haven't started meeting yet, then how are you running your school? LPF 1.2A, 1.2B)
  • If you haven't started CELDT testing your EL students, you must begin immediately. In the past, some schools had not CELDT tested all students and were subject to a fine from the state. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES for missing the deadline.
  • Many of you have received your CAASP reports for families. Please do not distribute without a letter explaining the scores. An ICEF Template will be sent out this week. We are also asking that you explain the difference in scores to your families at your September PIM. This is also a good time to share information on Standards-Based Grading.
  • Many schools still do not have Teacher PLP's in Teachboost. Directors - please note that this was a requirement from the August 3 Instructional Institute Agenda.

From the Arts Team

  • Planning for ICEF Arts Fest is in full swing! Come join in the festivities, Saturday, October 3, from 11:00AM-2:00PM at View Park HS. Enjoy performances from many of our students and possibly even a special celebrity guest! This our chance to re-introduce ICEF Arts to our community - don't miss out!

From the Operations Team -

Meal Applications

  • Remember to keep collecting those Meal Applications! Applications need to be received and processed by September 23, 2015. Please spread the word! (CRC’s need to be supporting w/ communication with our families)Blackboard: 1) CRC’s should be the leads 2) Don’t use “Text to Speech” consistently 3) Be mindful of the delivery time!

Oversight Visits

Oversight visits are coming up and this will be the official record Enrique will provide HR with what courses the teacher teaches to be placed in the NCLB grids. Please make sure teachers are scheduled appropriately and if clarification is needed, contact Sarah Johnson, Director of HR.

Compliance Calendar

  • Last week, Enrique sent the September Compliance Calendar via email. Please be aware of those deadlines!!

From Our Development and Communications Team:

  • MS and HS - We have an opportunity to apply for after school STEM grants from Time Warner. The information can be found here: If you are interested in applying, please contact Michel Schneider and work with her to submit your grant.
  • Remember, if you have special events coming up, please notify our Development and Communications Team!

Celebrations and Worth Noticing!

  • Good news! PEP is funding buses for MS and HS in order for students to take swimming during PE! Swimming is an important life skill and we're happy to provide students with the opportunity to learn!
  • View Park HS will soon start their partnership with West LA College! What an excellent experience for our VPPHS scholars!
  • Thanks to our LDPMS Director Ms. McLaughlin, LDPMS has been invited to attend a groundbreaking event with Challengers and the Los Angeles Lakers! On September 8, Challengers After School Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in a basketball clinic and meet and great with Laker coaches and a Laker player. Wow!

In honor of Labor Day...

"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." — Martin Luther King Jr.

ICEF Public Schools, A Culture of Excellence

Send us your celebrations! We want to hear from you!

Meet Some of Our ICEF Team Members! This week, it's our Arts Team!

For the next couple of weeks, the Newsletter will share information about different members of our ICEF Team. We received positive feedback about featuring team members celebrity counterparts, that we're going to keep the theme going. Enjoy!

Ms. Jamie McAndrews, Arts Instructional Specialist

Ms. Jamie McAndrews is delighted to take on this new role of the Arts Instructional Specialist. Ms. McAndrews is a visual artist and has been teaching Visual Arts to our ICEF Middle School students. This year, in addition to teaching students at LDPMS, Ms. McAndrews is helping strengthen our Arts Instructional Program by providing professional development and fostering partnerships with other community organizations. She has hit the ground running!

Mr. Jerod "Judd" Fish, Arts Teacher on Special Assignment

Mr. Judd Fish has been an ICEF English and Humanities teacher for a number of years, and this year, he has taken on the position of Arts Teacher on Special Assignment. Some of you may remember Mr. Fish as the Director of last year's Rhythm of Life show. This year, he is teaching Drama at View Park Middle School and coordinating, producing and directing performing arts across our ICEF schools. Mr. Fish is no stranger to the Arts - he even has his own profile on IMDB!

Mr. Narvel "Pooh" Mayo, ICEF Music Teacher

Mr. Pooh Mayo has been teaching Music at ICEF for a number of years, at the elementary, middle and high school level. This year, Mr. Mayo is teaching at View Park Middle School and is part of the Arts Planning team to help strengthen Music instruction across all ICEF schools. Mr. Mayo has performed in several musicals and is no stranger to the music industry. We are fortunate to have a musical genius here at ICEF!

ICEF Arts Fest

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 11am-2pm

5701 Crenshaw Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

Come join us for live performances, arts and crafts, and food trucks!

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