Peek at the Week in Project Extra

Cami Webb

What a Week!!!

Hope everyone is adjusting to online learning!! I know it is a challenge and I am working through the challenge of getting my own kids organized in my classroom with their learning while trying to do my own classroom things!! We will get through this and know that every teacher is doing everything possible to make this as smooth as possible!!

This week I told the kids that I would not start Project Extra online so that they could get settled into their school routines at home. I did put a variety of things in google classroom for them so that if they needed additional activities they could look there. I will also share all of the bitmoji classrooms that I shared with teachers that have a variety of links and activities y subject. Please tell the kids that if they find something is blocked by the district to let me know so that I can have them unblock it.

I have been checking in with Middle School teachers to see how everyone is doing and will do the same thing with my elementary kids once they get rolling. The biggest thing to remember is that this is not like last time or even quarantine. The kids have to do the work for their grades. If they put things off, they will be so far behind and will be failing in their grades. No one wants that!! Communication is key so reach out to any or all teachers for help and guidance if you have questions or concerns.

Schedule for next week

Next week I will start meeting with my students officially! We will keep their designated days but I will do my google meet a little later in the morning so that kids can check in with their teachers first. I will be doing attendance and reporting activity and interaction so please make sure everyone is communicating if students can not log in on their day.

I will do all of elementary on the same day so that they can reconnect with each other!! Their day will be Monday and we will log in at 9:15. I will share that link on their google classroom and the remind app. We will use the same link each time. All of the work and activities will be in their google classroom. If you have any trouble finding that please let me know!

Middle School, you will meet on your designated day but we will do our meet at 10:00 since you have advisory at 9:00. All links and information will be on their google classroom

Calendar for the Week of Nov 16-20 ,2020

Monday - Elementary - Google Meet 9:15

Tuesday - 6th grade - Google Meet 10:00

Wednesday - 7th grade - Google Meet 10:00

Thursday - 8th grade - Google Meet 10:00

Friday - Check in with all teachers to check on attendance and work progress

Any of the graphics are links to assignments so that you can see them!

What are We Working On!!!!

For their Asynchrous lessons, we are going to look at Proactive Behavior vs Reactive Behavior. This week we will look at what is in our control and what is out of our control and how we can gauge and control our emotions for the two. We will also talk about Coping Skills and strategies.

Weekly Stem challenges - I will provide a weekly STEM challenge for the kids each week. They will get the challenge on Fridays and they have the next week to complete and share at the following Google Meet or on google classroom. Everything will be with found objects around the house!!

Stock Market - If students can try and look at their portfolio and progress. I know this has all been messed up because of the shutdown and everyone's various quarantines.

Put on Hold - In the Game of Life, students will start researching occupations and choose an occupation to play the game with. They will be given a salary based on what they choose and then will discuss state and federal taxes that will be taken out of their salaries as well as retirement and student loan payments.

Expert Unit - Next week we will introduce our Expert Unit. The students will declare themselves an expert in a topic or skill and then will create a presentation/lesson to share with the rest of the classroom that will last 8-10 minutes. This will be part of our public speaking goal that we are working on. Elementary, your presentation will last 5 minutes.

Book Challenge - I am challenging the kids to create book trailers and reviews for their favorite books to share with others. We will be creating a website to share with friends and other classmates. With the lack of library access and I figured we could create a site to share with each other!

Big picture

Asynchronous Behaviors - Boredom

I know it can seem strange, but gifted children really do, and can become bored in the classroom and at home. When a student becomes bored in the classroom the student will do anything to entertain themselves. Sometimes that entertainment isn’t helpful to the student, or to the classroom they are in.

There are a few reasons why gifted children could be bored in the classroom.

  • Under-challenged: Gifted children need to be challenged. Gifted children don’t need drill and kill type activities. They need activities that would stimulate their brains, and challenge them to go deeper into a subject. When they are under-challenged they will become bored.
  • Frustrated or Overwhelmed: Sometimes the work seems endless. Sometimes the student just doesn’t see how the parts of a project fit together, and can become frustrated. They may only see a long list of things to do, not necessarily how they all fit together. Along with that, sometimes the work is just too hard. Gifted students aren’t always good at everything. So when they come to an area of education they aren’t comfortable with they can shut down. They can feel incompetent. They may feel they can’t be successful, and let those they are closest to down.
  • Uninterested: Sometimes the topic of study isn’t interesting to the gifted student. Since there is no interest they may feel bored and disengaged.

So what are somethings that teachers can do to help gifted students stay engaged in the learning process and avoid being bored?

  • Create Depth in Lessons: One thing that you can do to help gifted children is to create extension and enrichment opportunities for them in your classroom. (There is a difference, so check out the link provided.) Allow gifted students to go in-depth in the lesson you are teaching. Do not give them extra work to keep them busy.
  • Give Choice: Give gifted students a choice when it comes to what to explore more intimately and in products to be turned in. To find out what the student already know give them the test at the end of the chapter or unit. You can do this together at your desk or have them do it at theirs. Knowing what they already have a grasp on can help individualize their learning. Also, give them some choice on what product to do. Instead of a test at the end of a chapter allow them to do a speech, make a model, or create an app that will show what they learned.
  • Pacing: Allow gifted students to move through the curriculum at their pace. There is nothing worse for a gifted child to have to sit and wait on the rest of the class to get the material they understand quickly.
  • Conference: One thing that I tell the teachers I work with is know your gifted students. Talk to them, and listen to their interests. Try to make a connection to them. So when they do get bored they have the confidence to say so, and you can help them past it.

Gifted children are a unique population of the student body that will help to make you a better teacher. They will ask to be challenged, pushed, and deepened by you. Don’t see it as a quirky kid pushing your buttons. See them as challenge. Give them the type of education you believe they ought to receive.

Resources for Teachers

This is always the time of year that students begin to get bored in class and teachers and parents reach out for advice. Because PD is looking a little different this year, I created a resource to share with all teachers in the district. I created resources and ideas for your students on what they can do if they finish early and are waiting on their classmates as well as soon resources for teachers to adjust lessons to fit students' needs. I know it is very overwhelming and hope that having something at their fingertips helps/. I am attaching the resource below. I will be adding digital classrooms for elementary this week.

Resources and Opportunities

I am giving you an invitation to a Facebook page that is gifted families on Facebook. I would highly suggest you joining as it is a great resource for families to reach out to each other when they have questions, need suggestions, etc.. I know a couple of you are already on but it truly would be a wonderful resource for you. The group is called Raising Poppies and I shared the invite below.

Last, DESE is offering GIfted and Talented Tuesdays which is a free ZOOM each week for a wide variety of people and things, but there is a section for students and it is space-themed this quarter.

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