April Supervisor's Corner

South Harrison Township Elementary School 2016

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Celebrating Success!

We am happy to report the following successes for the month of March:

  • South Harrison sixth grade G & T students performed at the Regional Odyssey of the Mind Competition in Woodstown.
  • G & T students in grades 3-6 also celebrated Gifted and Talented month by presenting their work to parent observers over light refreshments in the cafeteria.
  • A HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Courtney Casey for all of her hard work in planning and preparing for 2016 PARCC testing at South Harrison. Because of her efforts and attention to detail, we are confident that the 2016 PARCC testing at South Harrison will be executed flawlessly.
  • Congratulations to Mr. Robert Rosenheim for being accepted into Harvard's Data Wise Coach Certification Institute. We can't wait to see what you have to share!
  • Together, we formulated and sent a proposed budget for next year to the SH Board of Education. When this is formally adopted, we will begin the process of selecting and ordering the materials needed for next year.

As the year progresses, we have continued to add to the staff resources and curriculum materials on the "L" drive . Check out this resource if you would like to find resources offered during trainings or PLWs this year.

In April, we will continue to work on the MCAs under the guidance of Mr. Rosenheim. This month, we will continue revision work with ELA Unit 5. Meetings with Grade Level Teams (GLT) will continue as well as discussions in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs).

Katie, Rachael, Robert, Stefanie, Megan, and Trisha

Important Notes:

Planning for PARCC: As the second year of PARCC testing gets underway, please plan accordingly and ensure the following:

  1. Classroom conversations are used to relieve students' anxieties associated with the test should students display them.
  2. Lesson planning should continue to reflect G.R.E.A.T. Instruction. What does this mean? Just continue to plan and implement all of the engaging activities and formative assessments that we have seen throughout the year!
  3. Video clips over 10 minutes long do need approval from your instructional supervisor.

2016 Summer Academy: Mark your calendars! The dates for this years summer academy are July 25th-28th and August 1st-4th. Specific to co-teaching partnerships is the a workshops titled: Partner Parity & Effective Co-Teaching Strategies. This workshop is tentatively scheduled for August 9th-10th. More detailed information will be forthcoming.

Professional Learning

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Supporting G.R.E.A.T. Instruction! - Assessment Literacy

So far this year, we have offered Professional Development on the following topics:

SGOs, Words Their Way, ICS partnerships, Power-School Gradebooks and Standards Based Grading, Fountas and Pinnell, Balanced Literacy and Assessment Literacy.

If you would like a more complete list of the topics offered, you can review them by month on the school web site listed on the district's professional development calendar.

May/June In-service: In the upcoming in-services, we will focus on Assessment FOR Learning, which is a component of G.R.E.A.T. Instruction. The presentation for this in-service will focus on the material in modules 3 & 4 found in the Assessment Design Toolkit found at: http://www.csai-online.org/spotlight/assessment-design-toolkit.

If you are interested in earning some flex hours and learning more prior to the in-service, please visit the Assessment Design Toolkit to earn flex hours for each of the assessment modules (1-5) viewed. Please submit a reflection form for this PD opportunity 5 days after you complete the training.

April Professional Development

April 13th - Ms. Anderson Balanced Literacy Goal # 3

  • Grades 3-6: Interactive Writing Debrief will be held in computer lab B139. This month grade 3-6 staff will gather to share their Interactive writing "debrief. " Staff will present the Interactive writing PowerPoints developed during the February in-service and currently available on Google drive.
  • Grades Pre-K-2: Power-School Gradebook and Standards Based Grading - Teachers will meet with Ms. Anderson in the Media Center.
  • Special area teachers will meet with the group they worked with in the February in-service.

PLT Focus

The focus for April PLT discussion include the following:

  • MCA Data and My Practice: Continue to examine your MCAs in relation to where your students are currently performing and where you expect them to perform at the next MCA.
  • The use of the Standards Based Gradebook and any questions or issues that need to be resolved as we plan to make the parent portal "live" for the lower grades in September 2016.
  • Use of Norms to guide discussions: Continue to infuse your established norms into your PLT discussions

  • Preparing for the next MCA: Continue to examine your MCAs in relation to where your students are currently performing and where you expect them to perform at the next CSA.
  • Curricular revisions: As you progress through the year and find units of instruction in need of improvement, please continue to make any needed revisions (in red) to curriculum documents that are located on the "L" drive.
  • Grade Ranges: Reflect on/discuss any recommended adjustments to current grade ranges
Reminder: Each PLT will record minutes for the meeting (set up in Google). You may record and organize the minutes however your PLT would like. The following key information should be evident in the meeting minutes: date, attendance, goal(s) for the PLT meetings, progress toward the goal, and the direction for the next meeting.

Independent Study

Teachers have the opportunity to explore topics and receive up to 20 flex hours a year. This includes independent study and options currently available to staff including Fountas and Pinnell benchmark assessment system DVDs and the DVD's available with Calkin's writing program in grades K-2.

If you have an idea or area of interest you would like to explore and earn flex hours please see Ms. Anderson.

Job Embedded PD

Teachers have the option of using GLT and PLT to explore topics with their team such as those described above. There are two teacher resources available to work with staff during the school day this year:

ELA: If the topic is ELA related please consider asking Mrs. Travaglini to work with you and can offer and support ELA related topics in your classroom in addition to supporting the implantation of "new" ELA programs material into the classroom.

Digital Literacy: Mrs.Bram is available to work with teachers (and students) and can assist teachers in areas pertaining to digital literacy. Mrs. Bram can also offer teachers a training or a refresher on commonly used programs such as Powerpoint and Word. Please sign up for these weekly periods in Mrs. Bram schedule using the online reservation sign-up page, which will detail the days and periods Mrs.Bram is available to work with you!

Flex Hours

All information related to flex Hours, can be found on the South Harrison webpage by going to For Staff - Professional Development - and Flex Hours.

  • Please note all flex hour reflection forms should be submitted within five days of a workshop.


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Detailed information about grading procedures for the 2015-16 school year was e-mailed to teachers before the winter recess and is also on the district "L" drive in the Curriculum 000 folder.

By mid-trimester, all teachers online gradebooks were checked and staff were reminded of the grade range entries expected by mid-trimester. As a friendly reminder, as you begin to think about trimester 3, please plan appropriately for student assessment. Ensure you are staying within your approved grading ranges as you plan and update your grade book in a timely manner to promote effective communication with stakeholders.

Highlights of the procedures described in the document include:

  • A description of the grade weight and ranges for grade K-6 for classroom, department and special area teachers.
  • An outline of the expectations for grade book use for teachers who report using standards based grades

Grade K-3 staff are reminded that all grade K-3 teacher are required to use the online grade book for Trimester III. Any staff member needing assistance in the use of grade book or have questions about grading procedures please contact the Elementary Instructional, Supervisor, Rachael Anderson, at andersonr@kingsway.k12.nj.us

2016 PARCC Testing

2016 PARCC testing officially commences on Monday, May 2nd at South Harrison Township Elementary School. The official South Harrison PARCC testing window is below.

South Harrison Township Elementary School

• ELA (3, 4, 5, 6) and Mathematics (3, 4, 5, 6): May 2nd – May 10th

Test Information:

Testing will last between 80 and 110 minutes each day.

For grades 3-5, the ELA portion is comprised of 3 units and the mathematics portion is comprised of 4 units.

For grade 6, the ELA portion is comprised of 3 units and the mathematics portion is comprised of 3 units.

*PLEASE NOTE: All make-up testing will occur after the regular administration has concluded.

PARCC Testing Resources:

For your records, we will posted the South Harrison 2016 PARCC Faculty Guide (including testing calendar, student testing groups and locations, step-by-step directions, PARCC FAQs, and the 2016 District Testing Security Plan) and the 2016 PARCC Test Administrator Training presentation on the shared "L" drive. As testing begins, we believe it is helpful for the entire staff to have access to all of these resources.

As always, thank you for your help and cooperation! Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Robert Rosenheim.


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Summative Evaluation Meetings

Summative meetings will commence this month. Please keep in mind two dates that your evaluator will discuss with you:

  • One is for when your summative evaluation items are due in iObservation (2 SGOs with corresponding data spreadsheets and your 2016-2017 PDP, 5 days before your scheduled meeting).
  • The other date is for your summative evaluation meeting.
  • You received the 2016-2017 PDP template in an email from Ms. Anderson- All goals should be written in a S.M.A.R.T format.
  • You also received in the email from Ms. Anderson with directions for how to upload your information into iObservation.

Also, please remember to bring the following to your summative meeting to facilitate discussion:

  • Your 2015-2016 PDP (the PDP for this school year)
  • Collected evidence for your SGOs: Minimum of 2 students per tier with a minimum of 2 pieces of evidence for each student to display student growth
  • Your summative evaluator will have a total of your PD hours as of March 14, 2016.


Patricia Calandro, Chief Academic Officer

Rachael Anderson, Elementary Supervisor K-5

Katie Fransko, Special Education Supervisor PK-12

Stefanie Fox-Manno, Humanities Supervisor 6-12

Robert Rosenheim, Data/Assessment Supervisor K-12

Megan Bruder, STEM Supervisor 6-12

Gail Bram, Curriculum Lead K-3 and Special Areas

Amanda Grabas, Curriculum Lead 4-6 and Special Education

*Please see your curriculum lead with any requests for PD, resources, or other questions/concerns regarding curriculum and instruction