Southern Cassowary



1: The southern cassowary uses its head to push vegetation.

2: The southern cassowary got its name from Papuan meaning "horned head".

3: The southern cassowary has super sharp claws and is really powerful.

4: The southern cassowary eats entirely on fruit!

5: When southern cassowaries have eggs the male has to look after them.

6: The southern cassowary is also called double-wattled cassowary.

7: Southern cassowaries are flightless birds.

8: Southern cassowaries are blue,brown and red.

9: The southern cassowary is only found in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

10: Female cassowaries are bigger and heavier then male cassowaries.

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Why is it endangered?

Southern Cassowarys are endangered because humans are destroying they're habitats which is a crucial thing to the southern cassowary because we are building farms, factory's and even shopping malls.

What is a threat to the Southern Cassowary?

1: Vehicles kill southern cassowaries most of the time.

2: dog attacks! Dogs kill southern cassowaries.

3: losing habitats!

4: and even diseases that's right not only humans have diseases but animals too!

What do they eat?

Flowers, fruit, birds, mice, frogs, insects, snails, fungi, rats, and carrion, mainly fruit.

How much do they weigh and what is they're height?



Female:2 metres




Natural habitats:


Palm forests


Melaleuca swamps

Mangrove forests