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A Note from the Principal

Dear Bobcat Families,

As we are completing our second month of school we are continuing to see our teachers bringing in new and creative ideas to their virtual classrooms, constantly striving to meet a variety of student needs. We are seeing parents consistently doing whatever is necessary to support their students learning at home. And our students...we are seeing our amazing Bobcat students engaged in learning, trying new strategies and learning technology skills that we wouldn't have even imagined possible last year. We are so proud of our staff, students and families for the way everyone has come together and continues to go above and beyond to make this school year a success.

With all the success we are seeing, we understand that distance learning is a struggle on many levels for many of our students and families. Yet, it is important that our students are attending every day, especially during distance learning. We have such a short period of time set aside for synchronous learning that our teachers are striving to make each and every minute a moment of educational impact. Please ensure that your child is logging in everyday 8:45-11:00am for their core instruction in ELA & Math. In the afternoons, teachers are pulling small groups to work with students on specific skills they are needing and to provide support. Even though this is only a 20-30 minute period of time, the impact it will have on your child's skills will be incredible. Please make sure you know when your child's assigned small group time is each week so that they aren't missing out on important instruction & support. If you aren't sure of your child's schedule, please reach out to their teacher for more details.

This month we will be holding our materials distribution a little bit later in the month so that we can get all the materials you will need for both October and November with only 1 pick-up time. Here is the schedule:

  • Thursday, 10/15 12:30-3:30 pm TK-5th grade pick up in MPR
  • Friday, 10/16 8:00-11:00 am TK-5th grade pick up in MPR

We hope that everyone stays healthy and happy during the coming month. If there is anything we can do to help support you, please reach out to let us know by calling the office or messaging us on Classdojo. Thanks for all that you do!

Mrs. Geyer

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Character Traits of the Month

Bobcats are students of character not just at school or on zoom, but also at home and in the community. This month we will be learning about the following block in the Pyramid of Success...

Week of October 5: Alertness - Alertness means you pay attention to all the things that others share to learn and be more aware.

Week of October 12: Action - Never give up and give it your all. Don't fear failure and always try your best to reach your personal best.

Week of October 19: Fitness - Exercise, healthy thoughts, getting the sleep your body needs and eating good food are part of a healthy state of wellbeing that will help you succeed.

Week of October 26: Skill - Practicing and paying attention to details will help you as you strive to be your personal best.

Counselor's Corner

My goal this past month has been to develop students’ ability to manage their own strong feelings before feelings escalate and result in negative consequences. To achieve this goal, students learned to recognize how strong feelings affect their brains and bodies by: focusing attention on their bodies for clues about how they are feeling, understanding that when they feel strong feelings, the amygdala reacts, making it harder to think clearly, and they learned to use belly breathing with the calming down steps to help activate the thinking part of the brain, the cortex, to get back in control. Enjoy the video and learn all about belly breathing.

Haydee Ramirez

School Counselor

Sesame Street: Common and Colbie Caillat - "Belly Breathe" with Elmo

Coach's Corner

Productive struggle is developing strong habits of mind, such as perseverance, and flexible thinking, instead of simply seeking the correct solution. Not knowing how to solve a problem at the onset can be expected with a new concept. Having tools and strategies can help students explore with inquiry to see what may work for a particular problem. Math manipulatives are a good source to begin investigating possibilities to help get to the end result. This should be looked at as a positive experience in learning.

Teaching Habits that Promote Productive Struggle in Math

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