Warren Middle School Activities

Get involved with the activities you love!!


The purpose of athletics is to become a better athlete. When you get to do a lot of fun things:you get to play sports, stay fit, you get to be on a team, and you have fun. But, later on in the year you will have to do two mile Tuesday. On two mile Tuesday, instead of running one mile you run two miles. Athletics is hard at sometimes but, once you get use to it, it is super easy.


The purpose of athletics is to sing and have fun with others. The hard part about choir is you have to hit a high note when you are an alto, and you have to hit a low note when you are a soprano. Some fun things you get to do in choir are the following: you get to preform concerts, go on trips, sing, and you have big sisters from 8th grade to help you get better at it. Choir is a fun class to be in.

Musical Theater

The purpose of musical theater is to have fun while singing and dancing. First, something you have to do that will be hard might be having to do a hard dance move for a long time. Second, some things you will be able to do in musical theater is plays, concerts, singing, and dancing; it will be really be fun. Third, the plays and concerts will be really fun to be in and a good way to have fun.


The purpose of cheer is to raise school spirit. You can do a lot by being in cheer; doing pep rallies is something great to do. When you are in cheer you sell chocolate to raise money for the cheer program and school. You also get cool uniforms to preform in.

Desktop Publishing

The purpose of desktop publishing is to get students involved with their school. Something that could be challenging about it is you could have a hard time with getting the yearbook done on time. Getting the yearbook done on time is important so people can get it and see it ion time. Some reasons to join is you get to deal with computers, pictures, and different designs. You also get to go to cool parties for your hard work.