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November Newsletter

The Book Fair is Here!

Come and support the Shimek Library and get some great books for your home, too! The Scholastic Book Fair will be open Thursday from 8:15 - 8:45 am and 3:00 - 7:30 pm. The fair is open Friday from 8:30 - 3:30. You can also shop online at Scholastic until November 17.

Many thanks to the Brozene family and all of the volunteers who make the book fair a success!

Library Learning

Kindergarten Students have been practicing different ways to read a book, both to themselves and to others. We also read some fun Halloween stories and prepared for the book fair.

In the computer lab, we had some fun with pumpkin games and with matching games.

First Graders finished learning the parts of a book, read some Halloween books, and prepared for the book fair.
Second Grade Students are learning the different responsibilities of an author and an illustrator. We also had some Halloween book fun and prepared for the book fair.

Grace Lin Author Visit

Third and Fourth Grade Students got to listen to Grace Lin, an award-winning author and illustrator. Her presentation was engaging and delightful. Grace Lin told many entertaining stories of growing up with her parents and two sisters. She had the children act out a scene from one of her books, Starry River of the Sky. Grace Lin shared stories from the Chinese culture and taught the students the significance of different numbers. She also showed how to draw a tiger step by step and took questions from the audience. Many thanks to Hills Bank for supporting the visiting author program!
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Fifth and Sixth Graders will be finishing their All About Me Google presentations this week and presenting them to their classmates next week. The students have been quite engaged in the making of these presentations, and I am excited to see the finished projects! Ask your son or daughter to show you their presentation in Google Classroom at home.

Victoria Forester Author Visit

Sixth Grade Students had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Victoria Forester, author of The Girl Who Could Fly. Victoria shared her fascinating story of how a girl from a remote Canadian town can go alone to Los Angeles and pursue her dream. This involved living on practically nothing, working at a film studio for free just for the experience, eventually becoming a screen writer, and then an author. Her story of perseverance, patience, and luck was an inspiration.

Thank you for supporting your child and the Shimek library!

If you ever have any questions, please contact me.

Linda Johnson, teacher librarian