Methods of Control & Execution

Methods of control and execution

Paragragh 1.

josef mengele- Born on March 16, 1911, in Günzburg, near Ulm, he was the eldest son of Karl Mengele

the map below shows the concentration camps in Germany

this map is a map of Germany and it has all the camps and location

Second paragragh

Josef mengele was a huge part of the war because he was the head physician of the death camps and nicknamed the angel of death for his horrible ways.

Dachau, Buchenwald, and Sachsenhausen ,consentration camps all located in Germany.

the events that took place in these camps in excecutions and control of all jews in germany.


mengele was one of the most infamous people during the death camps. He perfored experiments on twin while at Auschwits-Birkenau. He was a pysician. But

known as the "angel of death" he has had some very grusom experiments during the consontration camps.

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Febuary 19,2015