Mrs. Jerke's Sneak Peek

October 17-28


On Friday to celebrate the end of our first unit in reading, the students partner read and had a little treat. This next unit focuses on strategies to help with word decoding and comprehension. The students have a new bookmark in their book bins with specific methods for figuring out tricky words. Thank you for reading with your child each night. It makes a huge difference in their reading. I can see progress in the amount of time the students can stay in their books reading. Make sure to have your child practice a "finger" retell once they have finished reading to you. They can also use the pictures to retell the story. This is a very important part of fostering comprehension in young readers.

Harvest Party

The Harvest Party is on Monday, October 31st from 2:15 to 3:15. This year we are going to rotate the kids from room to room to do different activities. If you would like to volunteer to help with a game in our room, please email me as soon as possible. Wearing costumes is optional. If your child does choose to wear a costume, we ask that you avoid costumes that depict violence and have guns, knives, swords, blood, etc. Costumes also need to be culturally sensitive.


This week we introduced the concept of counting on when adding two numbers. The students will continue to practice this concept using the greater number as their starting point. We will also begin to introduce nickels and pennies. We continue to practice solving number stories and writing equations.


We will be studying bats in science. Bats look like birds but are actually mammals. The students will be reading books about bats. We will learn what it means to be nocturnal and how bats use echolocation to fly at night. Students will discover how beneficial bats are to our environment. We will also do some "batty" crafts for fun!


We will continue to work on writing sentences that begin with a capital letter and end with the correct punctuation mark. We will also continue to practice putting words in ABC order. In the next two weeks, the students will choose one of their stories to stretch and rewrite. They will also work with a writing partner to revise and share their stories.

PTC Fun Run Pics

Thank you to all the parents who helped with the Fun Run. It was a huge success! Check out some of our photos from the run.

Upcoming Dates

October 18th Wear Orange for Unity Day

October 19-21 No School MEA Break

October 24 No School Teacher Professional Development Day

October 27 Picture Retake Day