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What is my newsletter about?

My newsletter is about people that somehow have persevered throughout their lives. They have either done it themselves or with someone else.

The Sandy Road- Cause/Effect Paragraph

Cause and Effect paragraph

The reason why the men lost water happened was because of being in a desert. If losing water hadn’t happened, then they would not have felt dehydrated. Due to having to search for water and dig a well occuring, they were very desperate to be able to have fresh drinking water. This explains why before you go somewhere that you know you probably won’t have a lot of water think before you go then you wouldn’t have to do such things these men did trying to get water.

The cause of having to travel through the desert is not easy to define. Some people think the cause is nothing will happen and you will turn out to be perfectly fine. Others believe the main cause is maybe something will go wrong and it will be hard to get that fixed, especially in a desert. Understanding the cause of having to travel through a really hot desert is important because it is supposed to be something to look forward to but the men weren't very happy with the things they had to do to get things in the desert.

The effects of falling asleep while traveling. Then they got lost, no sand during the day are significant because they had no idea on how to get out. One effect of having to dig for water is harmful because if you go days without water you are not going to live. Another result is no sand during the day. Because of these outcomes, it is important that you should never give up because you will find a way to success and you should not just quit something because it is to hard.

7th Grade Sequencing

  1. Be nice to your teachers. You should be nice to your teachers so they are nice to you. Usually your teachers are very nice. Sometimes they can get mad when trouble starts. This is one key is to be very nice to your teachers.

  2. Make new friends. You will really want to make new friends in 7th grade. Friends are always good to have. They keep you company stick up for you, help you in hard situations etc… That is why it is important to make new friends.

  3. Don’t let your social life ruin your academic life. You don’t want that to happen because lots of kids forget the real reason they are at school. You are at school to learn not to get caught up in drama etc.

  4. Don't be concerned about what other people think of you. Don’t do that because then it will just make you sad and not want to be at school.

  5. Don’t be concerned if you are popular or not. Popularity doesn’t mean a thing. Everyone is popular you just don’t think about it. Who cares about the higher friend group or the lower one. It is all equal.

  6. Don’t change yourself if you care a lot about what people think. Do not do that because people are going to start saying things bad about you and you will get upset.

  7. Do your homework! You need to do your homework every day so that your grade does not lower. It is very important because it helps you get good grades to go in good classes.

  8. Persevere! You always need to try your best to put forth your best effort in 7th grade. You will realize it is very good to be an amazing student that always tries their best and never gives up.

  9. Do your work. You will need to make sure your work is turned in on the due date because if it is late your teachers will take points off that assignment.

  10. Have fun! You will always have fun in middle school. It is a place where you make new friends throughout the school and a lot more.

  11. You can survive math by always bringing your calculator to class everyday. You can survive social studies by bring your textbook every day to class. You can survive ela by bring your notebook and your `binder. You can survive science by bring your binder everyday to class.

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Kid President- Description

Kid President

One type of structure is Description, it’s an example of description because he is explaining about how the world needs to stop being boring. He says that because he thinks it is not as motivating so he wants that to change. Another type of structure is problem and solution because he talks about how a lot of things in this world can get boring. So he wants a solution to it and he wants it to be better. Lastly he is talking about compare and contrast. He talks about how he compares how the world is boring and then he contrasts about how fun the world would be if it was less boring.

This video is very motivational because he tries his best to make things better for people and he wants to make a change. He explains how to not stop believing in yourself, he talks about how to be on the same team and act like it. The most important reason is that it will be a big outcome on how much people have learned throughout this video.

First Kid President talks about for the world to stop being boring what that means is that we need some more entertainment and we need to stop laying back and be awesome. Next he talks about The Robert Frost Poem that was about how he always had interesting ideas. Then he talked about Don’t stop believing. He said that because when you want to quit something no matter how good you are you can’t stop believing in yourself. He said Michael Jordan space jam. He said this because he was talking about what if Michael Jordan gave up? He would have never come this far. After he quoted “get out there and dance” he said that because believe in yourself and just show your power how much you really have inside of you. Finally he said Create awesome. What that means is he wants the world to create awesome and get out there and be active. That is what Kid President’s presentation was about.

Winston Churchill- Concept Map

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Dartanyon and Leroy Venn Diagram

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What can we learn from perseverance?

You can learn a lot from this. You should know to never give up and always try your best to continue. Also you should continue the road to success and never give up.