Vietnam war

The war and its global impacts

Some of Vietnams picture of war

Impacts of the war

Some of the impacts that we had before the war was that we didn't know if other countries where going to attack us first so we began making new weaponry and stocking up on supplies if we ever needed them. There were more impacts during the war and after the war because you could have a wife or child back home and you might not make it to see them again. Also during the war we had many of our people die and they had many of their people die on the battle field. But as the brutal fight kept getting worse before getting better a lot of our land was destroyed or burnt because of the war and during this war we have tracked that over 50,000 U.S people have died for fighting for us to keep us free. during the war we used all these bombs to try and ended the war faster but made it worse.

  • Mk-81- CBU-55- Mk-77- Mk-82- Mk-117- Mk-118
  • BY: Cody Orberson