February Newsletter

Sage Creek Elementary 2023

If Your Child is Sick....

“The following are conditions of special concern to us for which children should be kept home:

- Colds/Flu: Children with coughing, sneezing, chills, general body discomfort, fatigue, fever, or discharge from the nose and/or eyes should be kept home.

- Persistent Cough: Cough lasting longer than 3-4 days especially if induces vomiting, passing out or a cough that is productive of colored sputum.

- Other: Diarrheal Diseases, Impetigo, Pinkeye/Conjunctivitis, Open wounds or sores, Vomiting, Strep throat or bacterial infection, Temperature over 100.4, Skin rash.”

Re: Utah County Health Department 9-28-20 https://health.utahcounty.gov/

Chinese Immersion Program

There are a few slots left in our first grade Dual Language Immersion Program for next year. If you are interested, applications can be found on our school website’s Chinese Immersion section or at the front office. The website also has an overview of the program which is helpful in determining if this is the right program for your child.

Incoming Kindergarten Registration Coming Soon

Registration dates for incoming kindergarten students for the 2023-2024 school year will be during the first week of March (specific dates have not been set).

As this information comes your way, please help spread the word to those families in your neighborhood who have first time students enrolling in school who do not receive our emails or newsletters.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment allows students to apply to go to a school outside their resident school boundaries. The open enrollment window is now open and closes (by law) the 3rd Fri in February … This year it will be Fri, Feb 17. Students can apply for open enrollment after that deadline, but the success rate significantly diminishes. Once a child has been accepted to open enroll they do not need to re-apply unless they desire to attend a new school outside their boundaries. One exception to this rule is our dual-immersion students who have open-enrolled to Sage Creek. They do not need to apply for open enrollment to attend Spring Canyon Middle School where dual-immersion continues.

To apply for open enrollment, please go to the district website (nebo.edu) → Information → Open Enrollment. There is a $5 processing fee. The district will send you a reply mid-March.

Infinite Campus

A quick reminder to check Infinite Campus regularly to help your child stay caught up in class. To check grades you can go to https://nebout.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/parents/nebo.jsp and log in using the credentials from registration.

School Spirit Day

Reminder to wear your Sage Creek t-shirt or school colors to school (blue and gold) on Fridays.

Calendar of Events

Wed, Feb 3 - Community Council, 3:40

Thurs, Feb 9 - District Science Fair at Summit Center (old Spr Jr High), those continuing on have necessary information

Tues, Feb 14 - Happy Valentine’s Day!! PTA Room Mom class parties

Wed, Feb 15 - 1st Grade Program

Mon, Feb 20 - President's Day, no school

Mon, Feb 27 - Beginning of Dr. Seuss Week