Module 3

Alrik Ristau

Communication Skills

Three kinds of Communication




Communication is also involved in writting a business letter and how to write one along with Business memos, Documentation, Thank-you notes, E-mails, and presentations

Accountability & Workplace Relationships

- Empowerment is pushing power and decisions making to the individuals who are closest to the customer.

-Personal Accountability is when you take responsability for your actions.

-Workplace Relationships are some times frowned apon but if people act mature they are okay

-Socializing is a big part in the workplace but if there is to much no work will be able to get done

Teamwork, Motivation & Leadership

-Teams and Performance means that the whole team needs to have a good synergy and that the team works as a whole and they are able to get a task done in a certain time frame

-Team members need to be hardworkers that stay on task and that get alone with everyone in the team

-Each and every team member needs to motivate the other members of the team to get the energy up and to get the task done

-Each team member should try there hardest to find a leader to lead the team to victory

Conflict & Negotiation

-Everywhere you go there is going to some kind of conflict. Trying to manage the conflict is what counts, there are many types of ways to manage it that include Forcing conflict management style, avoiding conflict management style, accommodating conflict management style, compromising conflict management style, and collaborationg conflict management style

- There are many people out in the workplace that are bullies or violent people and you just have to learn to resolve it

- In the workplace you are not always going to be right so it is okay to agree with someone else as well as disagree with someone as long it does not cause a conflict