Improper Diet As A Risk Factor

By Aileen, Katie, Courtney and Marina

How is improper diet one of the leading risk factors for death in our age group?

Dieting is a part of everyday lifestyle, being that you need to eat everyday. Whether it being eating the wrong things and too much of it or not eating anything at all, these aspects can put you at risk in your current life and for your future.

Six ways improper diet can affect your health


  • Lead to obesity
  • Lead to anorexia

  • Self image can decrease
  • If you did not eat enough healthy food for the day you may become cranky and irritable
  • If you are worried about eating or if you are constantly hungry from not maintaining a good diet you may not be in an educational and learning mindset

  • Left out of activities; even some your friends may be involved in

What can you do to fix this? (10 lifestyle choices)

  1. Making sure you eat breakfast everyday
  2. Maintaining a balanced diet
  3. Eating all of your meals everyday (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  4. Replacing unhealthy choices with healthy ones
  5. Drink a lot of water daily
  6. Make sure your choices of diet is full of vitamins and minerals
  7. Plan meals ahead do you do not rush to eat and end up eating junk food instead of a healthy, filling meal
  8. 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables a day
  9. Decrease portion size
  10. When eating at restaurants, maintain picking healthy choices