There are lots of fun games to learn and play iin Bangkok and here is some that you might like or want to learn. There is soccer, Did you know that soccer is the number one sport played in Bangkok? Another game that you might want to play is called (TAKRO). this game is just like volleyball but you are noy allowed to use your hands. Their are also some fun relaxing things to do like maybe go on a bike ride or go hikeing. Maybe even go on a nice relaxing picnic. So come one down to bangkok were you don`t have to worry about anything but yourself.


Did you know that Bangkok has one of the biggest universities in the world? Before bangkok was established thailand used to be just a little riverside village. One of bangkok`s most important scietists was named (BANG CHANG). A k man named General Chao Pharya established the palace complex which basically made bangkok.


Have you ever had a spicy salad before? Well if you haven`t come on down to Bangkok and try out some seasoned spicy salads. Also bangkok has some great tasting seasoned stews too. If you don`t like going to the grocery store and waiting in those big long lines then come to bangkok, Did you know that bangkok has one of the biggest food markets in the world? Most local restaurants use ricw in their food as a filler.


If you dont know how to speakthe thai language then dont worry! English is spoken here in bangkok as well. Also bangkok has english on t eir road signs too. Did you know that Bangkok`s alphebet consists of 49 consonents, 18 vowels, & 4 piphthog(tonal) notations.


Some cool and historical sights you could see are some like the Golden Budda and alot more fun interesting places too. They have some facts about Bangkok tThailand at their museums that are filled with awesome facts and fun gift shops. So go and check it out!


I think the best time to go to Bangkok Thailand is around October through until about Febuary. If you visit during the driest season you would want to pack lots of light clothes. Bangkoks climate has a tropical monsoon climate. The rainy season starts in May and ends in about September.