Lewis & Clark journal

May 20,1804

Day we left Pittsburgh

Dear journal,

We have been pick to set off to the west.This journal will help us track what is dangerous and what is not dangerous. We first started in Missouri. On May 20,1804 we set off forwards with my friend William Clark .We set off at 12 o'clock.We had 35 men to set off with us. Clack's slave York was the translator to speak to the Indians .we are now setting off to St.Louis now that we have no time to be lost.We walked in the rain. Walked in all kinds of good and bad weather.

Monday, June ,11 ,1804

The new York weather blew hard and cold as wind was hard we had to stop journey for a minute.The next day we took the hunters hunting , we killed 2 deer ,in the prarie.Then we came to the ROCKY MOUNTONS !We saw this girl her name was Sacagawea and her husband.She said "Up on that hill that is impossible to walk I can help you get up there but we need a trade.""OK '' said Lewis and Clark.So they traded the horses and half of there wepins.They set off with Sacagawea.On the way sacagawea had a baby named Jean. Sacagawea went with Lewis and Clark but died of a fever.

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Introduction to the Lewis and Clark Expedition