Odell Friday Notes

January 11-15

Where is my teacher?

Teacher Attendance:

You are the single most factor in your student's learning opportunities. The level of instruction and learning is directly linked to your awesome presence at school. We know illness is out of our control, but we encourage you to be here daily.

Check out what the research says...

Research shows that teacher absenteeism has a negative correlation with student outcomes (Madden, Flanigan, & Richardson, 1991; Pitkoff, 1993; Ballou, 1996; Woods & Montagno, 1997). That is, as the number of days that a teacher is absent increases, the level of student achievement decreases. The findings from Lewis (1981) indicate that the presence of a classroom teacher is an important factor in education, especially for average-achieving students. Thus, teacher absenteeism is related to both student absenteeism and achievement.