Industrial Revolution

The Automobile Inventor:Henry Ford by Cole Carlson

Life Of Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born in July 30,1863. He was the founder of the Ford company. He did not invent the car, but he made a car that many Americans could afford. He became one of the richest men in the world.
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Henry Ford's First Automobile

Henry Ford made the Ford Model T Car in 1908. He also started the assembly line for production of cars. This totally changed the industry. He sold millions of cars and became the head of the Ford company.
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Purpose Of The Automobile

It changed the way most of Americans traveled. Its nickname was "Tin Lizzie". It was an affordable transportation for the common man. It did not cost much, and it lasted a long time.

Importance Of The Industrial Revolution

Henry Ford made improvements to the assembly line. These made the Model T less expensive. This helped the economy and the workers. Fords goal to "democratize the automobile" came true.

Today 2014

Today's automobile looks nothing like the Model T. It is bigger, faster and a new form. You can buy a car, SUV, or truck. Also, there are many other car companies.

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