Sandra Neil Wallace


A high school football team which are trying to make it to the playoffs. The football team is always playing around and getting in trouble, throwing party's but i think that they need to focus on the game and make it to the playoffs. This story takes place in Arizona in 1950. The High school football team is called Hatley Muckers .They didn't stand a chance against the states biggest football team because they were so good.

"looks like they'll be counting on you this year, wont they? ."

Everyday at the school the players get in trouble.

They get in trouble when they act like unmature students. One of the players on the team have gotten kicked off the team for not following directions.

why i hose this book

I chose this book because its about sports and i like sports. Its a very good book for people who likes to play sports or learn about it.


I use Bart Simpson for this detail because he starts a lot of trouble in the Simpsons episodes.
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Why did the muckers do better than they did before in during the seasons?

They did it because they had an player named Red O'Sullivan on there team. He was there starting Quaterback, he came from a school in Alabama. There wide reciver named Cruz. And there other wide reciver was named Rabbit.
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Website for the book.

Sandra Neil Wallace

She been writing books since she was 15. She was born in New Hampshire.

Who would i recommend this to

I would recommend this book to people who play sports or who like to watch them.

Dislike or like

I like this because i like to play football and i played it my whole life.