miscellaneous information about:

Bailey Martinez

Things I do to occupy my time

I don't really do a whole lot other than school and play instruments. Is that sad? Actually yes, but I enjoy it. I focus on my grades because I know that they are the only gateway into college for me. I play instruments (most often the marching snare drum and the marimba) because it calms me down and gives me a feeling of relaxation I cant get anywhere else.

Key points regarding my family

Well, For starters I am the oldest of 4 kids... and I am the only boy. You read that correctly, I have 3 younger sisters. They are absolutely INSANE. However, it is a struggle not to love them (even when I am woken up at 6 am for no reason). I have a mom and a dad who are divorced, and my mom has remarried to my step-dad who I like a lot.

Plans After Highschool

There is no need to get technical with things here, so i'll just explain my hopes for a future occupation. I am aiming to be a structural engineer. But not just any structural engineer, I would love to design rollercoasters.

Winter Break

I slept during winter break, I slept. And I slept a lot. Most of my break was catching up on sleep, quite honestly. Along with that, I spent a large amount of time with my family.
We played SO MANY board games. Oh my gosh so many.


I don't want to bore you about my Christmas day routine with silly details, so I'll just say I woke up, opened presents, then went to my grandma's house. For new years, I drove through drivethrus at fast food restaurants and wished them a happy new years because nobody else did.

random extra things

  • I am 16
  • my favorite subject in school is math
  • I love the color orange
  • I very rarely watch television or movies of any kind
  • My favorite of the 5 senses is smell

Clubs/ Activities etc.

I currently am or previously have been involved with:

  • Belton's Academic team
  • High School Band
  • The A+ Program
  • Service Learning
  • National Honor Society
  • Tutoring middle schoolers
  • Recreational soccer
  • A kickin' GPA ;)
For fun, I rest, eat, read, listen to music, play with my phone, and talk with my friends and family.