Pakistan and the Bangladesh War

War of the century

War and effects on people

The Pakistan and Bangladesh war refers to the conflict between west Pakistan ( Pakistan) and east Pakistan ( Bangladesh). The war began on March 26, after the Pakistan troops killed thousand of people while launching operation searchlight. Operation searchlight was intended to stop bangladeshis from seeking independence. Well, that didn't seem to stop them at all from fighting. They war lasted for about 9 months and resulted in Bangladesh gaining independence. The war came to an end on December 16, when India helped Bagladesh by invading the Pakistani forces. The war effected many people. As a result of the war, around 3,000,000 people were killed and over 200,000 women were raped. Also, the war caused many people to flee there homes and find refuge in India. This war effected many people's lives. Many people lost homes,valuables and maybe even loved ones. Many people, especially women, were not treated fairly. This could have effected many people physically and emotionally.

Geography, government, and culture

Pakistan is located in Southern Asia. It borders the Arabian Sea, India, China, Iran, and Afganistan. Pakistan has a poor economy and the unemployment levels are very high. It has a population of around 199,085,847 people. Pakistan has a federal republic and the government consists of the elected prime minister, president, and parliament. The parliament includes the senate (upper house) and national Assembly (lower house). The senate has 57 members while the National Assembly has 217 members. Pakistan is an Islamic nation. Urdu is the official language of Pakistan, but many people speak English to. It is estimated that about 95% of the population is muslim, but there are people of several other religions such as Hindus, Christians, Buddhist,etc.. Since most people practice Islam, everything is closed on Friday because it is Muslim day and they have a month of Ramadan which means that people must fast from dawn to dusk. Pakistan is also a herachical society. This means that you are respected based on age and where you stand.



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