Mrs. Rhodes' Newsletter

Week of Monday, September 9th

This Week in Room 508:

  • King and Queen of the Day: We will continue learning about our classmates and their families.
  • Reader's Workshop: Our Reader's Workshop objective this week is "Readers Take Care of Books". The students will learn how to take care of a book, how to follow the words from left to write, and how to turn the pages with care.
  • Writer's Workshop: Students will learn the writer's workshop expectations. This week we will focus on writing what we hear. Students will slow down the words to hear and write as many sounds as they can in each word of their story. I encourage students to write whatever sound they hear, I am not concerned with correct spelling at this time as I wish to build your young writer's confidence.
  • Math Stations: Students will rotate between different math stations with a partner completing different math activities and games. We are learning to build AB patterns, recognize numbers 1-10, recognize shapes and their attributes, read and interpret graphs, and compare objects by their length.


On Wednesday, September 11th, in honor of Patriot Day, the students will have the option to dress up in red, white, and blue.

Family Photo

If you have not already, please send in a picture of your family for our "Friends and Family Tree" as soon as possible.


Last Friday was our first trip to the library. We will go to library every Friday morning. Please be sure to send your child's library book back to school with them on this day.
A great way to remember your child's book is to store it in their backpack when it is not being used.

Happy Birthday To You!

Raney Hawkins - September 12th

A few pictures from our science experiment: