Kyler Blaylock

English 2

Things i'm in to and my hobbies

Doodling,Fourwheeling, Spending time with friends, Cooking, Band, Listening to music , Staying active, Mini medic. (Mini medic is a program over in Moundridge where you go on calls with the EMS team but you have a limit of what you can do.)

Schools I have attended

Up tell third grade i had attended Canton Galva grade school. The summer of second grade i moved right outside of Hutch In the country and now I live in Buhler. Ive gone to Buhler grade school and then I went to Pairrie Hills Middle school. Now I am at Buhler high.


Im the youngest in my Family, My parents are divorced. I live with my mom and, go to my dads every other weekend and see him on wednesday or thursday nights. I have 3 real siblings and 4 step siblings. My real siblings are Aaron who is 28 , My other brother who's named Steven his age is 25. My closes step sibling is my brother Devin and up in tell now i never have thought of him as a step sibling. We meant when I was three he means the world to me. He is four years older then me. He's from my dads side. The next two siblings are way on my moms side. My step brother Parker is the same age as me. My step sister is 19 and me and her don't get along. My family is very close on my dads side. I'm not so close to my moms side . The pics down bellow are 2 years old.

The social stuff i'm in to

When i'm upset or even just doing something i constantly have to play music. I listen to almost everything and i promise my brain is like atleast 50% music lyrics. The word adrenaline rush is my life i'm very stubborn and once my adrenaline gets going I don't stop for anything. If I say i'm going to do something it usually gets done. I love to go fourwheeling. I also love to go hunting with my family. we are very big into hunting. I have my own bow and gun we hunt goose, pheasants and deer. Around this time me and my brothers joke around and say we have deer fever. I love inspirational qoutes. Also spending pleanty of time with friends and family.

Health concerns

I have heart problems. I have irregular beats and my left side doesn't always work with my right side. When this happens I need to be put somewhere that is quite and calmed down and I need to drink a lot of water or if i complain about side pain i need to go to the office.

I also would like you to know that i am a very independent person.

contact information

My mom her name is Angela Blaylock cell number is, 620-474-8125 house is, 620-664-5199.
Pictures that I used I already had in my gallery.