West Lafayette Choirs Update

Your Voice Matters--May 12, 2016

May Donations Needed

Donations still needed for Six Flags!

Six Flags Information--May 14

5:45 a.m. Students arrive at GRANT ST. entrance

Midnight Eastern: Arrive WLHS


Sing Sing Sing Shirts and school appropriate shorts/pants (Temperatures in the 50’s predicted). Jackets/sweatshirts recommended


Students should ALWAYS be in groups of 3. The only exception is if a chaperone is walking with their child alone. Students caught outside a group of 3 will serve a morning detention.

At no time should students be leaving Six Flags without Mr. Waltz present.

All school rules apply concerning behavior and conduct.

Students should not be on cell phones or have earbuds in while Mr. Waltz is giving instructions or while moving from the park to the bus (and vice versa)

Students will be given Mr. Waltz’s cell phone # in case of emergencies. All students will be required to provide their cell phone # to Mr. Waltz. If they are not carrying a cell phone, they must walk around with someone who does have one so that they can be reached by Mr. Waltz in case of an emergency.

What to Bring:

At least $30 for food


Snacks for the bus ride (no tree nuts or peanuts)

Cell phone (if you have one)

Chorale 5th Place at State!

Beating schools 3-4 times our size, Chorale Placed 5th at ISSMA State Finals on Saturday. For any choir this is a huge accomplishment, let alone a group who has made it to state for the first time in over 20 years!

Junior High Choir Musical Success!

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Thank you to all volunteers!

The past week could not have been possible without the many volunteers who helped support our students' success. Thank you to everyone who donated time, items, or food for Chorale, high school banquet, and the Little Mermaid.

High School Choir Uniforms

As part of their final exam grades, high school uniforms must be turned in by May 20. Uniforms should be returned in good condition and on a hanger. Dresses must be washed. Boys should only return their jacket, pants, tie, and cummerbund.

Care for Uniforms

EVERYONE: Please make sure that uniforms are properly stored on hangers when not in use.

JH Girls: Blouses can be washed in cold water (gentle cycle) and then dried in a drier with no heat.

JH Boys: Vests can be washed in cold water (gentle cycle) and then dried in a drier with no heat. Ties should never be untied. If the neck strap is too long, it can be taped or pinned underneath the collar.

HS Boys: Tuxedo parts are dry-clean only. Tux shirts are machine washable.

HS Girls: Dresses should be washed INSIDE OUT in cold water in the gentle cycle. DO NOT PUT DRESSES IN A DRYER. Dresses should be laid flat or on a drying rack to dry. Never dry clean these choir dresses.

More Information

For more information about grading policies, performances, and our calendar please check out the choir website. To stay up-to-date, follow us on Twitter or check out the calendar on the choir website.