Is George Corwin a Thief?

Yes! He is

Who is George Corwin?

George Corwin is an Essex high county sheriff of Salem Village. He has a very good job and is really good at it. He was born on February 26th, 1666 and died on April 12th, 1696. He has a heart attack and that was how he died. He was married twice, had no children and lived in a really big house. George Corwin turned 25 years old this year.

What is his job like?

George Corwin is the sheriff which means he put people in handcuffs, he put people on jail and even hung and killed people. He put “the witches in jail” even though they were innocent and didn’t do anything wrong. He stole stuff from other people after he had arrested them and had put them in jail. He stole a lot of things if you look at it. When George Corwin died on April 12, 1696, his family had to pay the money worth of stuff that he stole.

Taking care of his job?

George Corwin had hung someone very important that was trying to help. He had hung the bishop on June 10th, 1692. At the beginning of the witch trials, his job was to give warrants out to people and arrest them. George is the one who did all the deaths, arresting and being in charge of what all sheriffs do. Later on in the witch trials on September 16, 1692, he was in charge of the integration of Giles Corey for whatever he did.

What did the witches think of him?

All of the “witches” hated him because he didn’t help them he just helped himself by putting people in jail even though they were innocent. He got involved with the witch trials because he wanted or was a sheriff and so he thought that they needed help so he went to the witch trials and blamed everybody. He was a big part for himself for killing the innocent because he didn’t care, but he was never a big help for them because they were losing people that were very important to people. He was very important to himself because the more people he took to jail the more money he would get for his job. Some people might have said that “he was a no good stealing thief”.

Why was the ending of the Salem witch trials like for George Corwin?

George Corwin was a very big help to himself not to the community. He just wanted to kill people for more money and so that he can steal people’s stuff. Basically everybody hated him because he was not a person to trust, he stole people's things, made people die who didn’t deserve it. He was a good sheriff in his world but not our world.