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Milbrook Elementary School Newsletter | September 2018

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Milbrook Families,

I want to welcome everyone back to another exciting school year. As I enter my second year at Milbrook, I am excited to welcome back all of our returning students as well as our new first grade students.

We have several new staff members joining us this year. In first grade, Ms. Barbara Baylin is joining our team. In second grade we have two new staff members: Ms. Meghan Darnley and Ms. Jennifer Hargest. Ms. Giavanna Caratozzolo and Ms. Jennifer Riesett are joining our third grade team. In fourth grade we welcome Ms. Suzanne Spencer and Ms. Miriam Scott. In fifth grade, Ms. Margaret Lawrence is joining our team. In the area of resource, we have Ms. Kanika Staten taking on the role of special education teacher. She will be working part time at Milbrook and part time at Wellwood International School. Our new guidance counselor this year is Ms. Jessica Uhrin and our new Social/Emotional Learning Support teacher is Ms. Adina Blas. We are excited to have all of these new staff join the Milbrook family.

Our Sneak a Peek/Back to School Night was a huge success. A great big thank you to our Milbrook PTA for arranging to have the Kona Ice truck at our event. I know everyone enjoyed this sweet treat! Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. It was wonderful to see both new and returning students and families.

We will be launching our new TRACK code of conduct, which you will be hearing a lot about. You will receive information and a TRACK form from your child's teacher. Reinforcing these strategies at home will support what the children are doing at school. Children may also come home wearing stickers that read "I got caught being good today," and other positive messages. Don't forget to ask your child what they did at school today, and what they did to earn a sticker.

Below you will find important school policies, calendar dates, the spirit wear order form, and helpful information to insure a successful school year!

Lastly, I encourage you to join our amazing PTA. One of our most important resources is our parents. We appreciate all of the support that you give to your child. Strong parental involvement is crucial to student success. Please take time each day to check your child’s work, provide them with the necessary support to complete their homework and help them understand your expectations for school. Together we can continue to accomplish great things!

Yours in partnership,

Mrs. Gorman

Important Dates to Remember

September 17: Magnet applications open. Click here for application.

September 19: Schools & Offices Closed for Yom Kippur

Septemeber 20: First PTA meeting in the Library at 6:30p.m.

September 21: Grade Colors Day

September 24: Hour of Code at Gen. John Stricker Middle School, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

September 29: Savers Fundraiser, 1:00-3:00p.m., Milbrook

September 4-December 31: Spirit Wear Sale Going on now!

October 19: MSDE Convention: No school for students

October 26: Halloween Dance

November 16: Magnet applications due

Emergency Information

It is important that all families return the Student Contact Information sheet that was sent home with children on the first day of school. Without the information on this form we will be unable to contact family members in the event of an emergency. The school will release your children to only the people whose names you have listed on the form.

The emergency forms are essential in the event that Milbrook Elementary needs to close early. In the event that all Baltimore County schools close early, parents will not be contacted individually. As a courtesy to our families a School Messenger call will be sent out from the school to the primary phone number and email listed on your emergency card. is a great resource for school closings. If you follow their links to “alerts” and enter your email address you will receive an email whenever schools close early.

In the event that only Milbrook Elementary closes early, we will contact parents through a School Messenger call and use the information on the Student Contact Information to determine how the child will be dismissed.

Please help us by returning Student Contact Information as soon as possible. All forms should be returned to your children’s homeroom teachers.

Milbrook Code of Conduct

Our school community recites the Milbrook Code of Conduct each morning during opening exercises, reminding the students of the high expectations set for their behavior at school. This year teachers will be reinforcing the Code of Conduct through our daily TRACK form. We ask that families reinforce this code of conduct at home to support what the children are learning at school. The code reads:

As a Milbrook Mustang,

Today I am going to:

Respect others

Act responsibly

Come prepared

Keep safe

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


The Milbrook Elementary School front doors open for children at 8:40 AM., each morning. Supervision of students is not provided before this time. Students arriving to school before 8:40 AM must wait outside the main entrance with adult supervision. If your child is a walker please have your children arrive at school no earlier than 8:40 AM. If you need daycare coverage for your children before school, you may consider enrolling them in our before/after care, ROCK. All students must enter the building through the front doors. Students should never cross between buses, there is staff at the designated cross walk to safely cross students. Thank you for helping us ensure safety for all students.


Parents are asked to assist with dismissal procedures by making certain that children are clear about dismissal plans before they enter school each morning. Last minute changes in plans are often confusing to children. All changes in transportation plans must be put in writing with the day’s date and sent to the children’s teachers on the morning of the change. When requesting that a change be made in their children’s dismissal plans, parents will be asked to send in a signed and dated note the day of the change. In the event that a change must be made during the school day, please call the school and let Ms. Cooper or Ms. Fitzgerald know about the change.

Changes made after 3:00 PM cannot be honored by the office. After this time, the secretaries are busy contacting children and teachers about the changes called into the office earlier in the day. Arrival and dismissal times at Milbrook Elementary are busy times. We are asking your help to ensure that all of our students arrive safely at school in the morning and at home in the afternoon



We have limited parking spaces in our lots, just enough for our staff, therefore both parking lots are reserved for the staff, so please do not park in these locations. Please remember that the posted speed limit is 25 mph. If you are dropping off or picking up in carpool, please make sure to follow the adults directing and assisting with this task.


Communication with Teachers

Teachers are busy in the mornings preparing for their instructional day. Students begin arriving in their homerooms at 8:40 AM, and teachers have the responsibility of assisting, monitoring, and supervising the arrival of the children. Our teachers’ first priority must be their students. If a parent needs to speak with a teacher, it is requested that the parent leave a note with one of the secretaries, contact the school by phone, or send the teacher an email message. Teachers are busy teaching during the school day and may not have the opportunity to check email until the end of the day. You should expect a response within 24 hours.

Field Trips

Students will participate in fieldtrips that are connected to the curriculum in their grade. Teachers will provide you with plenty of advanced notice of the trips. Please remember to sign and return the permission forms as soon as they come home with your child. Please also remember that field trips are not optional activities. The knowledge gained from the trip will be used during follow-up lessons in the classroom. If the cost for the trip is ever an issue, please contact the office and funds will be made available. We never want a child to miss a trip because they do not have the money to attend. All students must ride the bus both to and from a field trip even if their parent drives separately as a chaperone.

From the Reading Room

Fluency is an important aspect of reading success for all age groups. Fluency is defined as “the ability to read smoothly, easily, and readily with freedom from word recognition problems.” Fluency is vital for good comprehension (reading for meaning) and enjoyable reading. One way that a parent or guardian can help a child build fluency is by modeling fluent reading. Parents and guardians can do this by reading aloud to their child every evening. Incorporating a nightly read-aloud will give children the gift of hearing fluent reading while also introducing the child to rich vocabulary used in context.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s fluency and/or ways to build it, please do not hesitate to contact me at or through the school office. It would be my pleasure to assist you.

Jenny Raivel

Reading Specialist

Student Behavior Handbook

During the first several weeks of school, your child will be bringing home a copy of the Baltimore County Public Schools’ Student Handbook. Mrs. Gorman and Mrs. Brinkley will review the handbook with all students. Students and parents are required to sign and return the form in the back of the handbook, indicating that the student and parent have reviewed the handbook. These forms need to be returned to school within five school days of distribution. The signed acknowledgment form also authorizes the students’ use of telecommunications. Your support is appreciated as we work together to create a safe and orderly learning environment for the children attending Milbrook Elementary School.

Milbrook PTA

FIRST PTA MEETING, SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 at 6:30p.m. in the Library


RAFFLE PRIZES at every meeting!

We will have a raffle at every PTA meeting. Raffles will include gift cards, coupons, and donated items.

Raffle prizes are donated by our community partner, CHAI, our PTA, parents, and local businesses/organizations. If you would like to donate a raffle item, or if your business would like to donate an item, please contact PTA president, Jennifer DeVillasee.

Fundraisers for Milbrook: Shoparoo, Boxtops, Savers, and Giant A+ Points


The PTA raised $74.00 this past school year from Shoparoo. All you have to do is get the app and scan in your receipts to help raise money for our school!

Giant A+ Rewards

Register Milbrook with Giant to raise money for the school. School code: 01388

Savers Fundraiser: Clean Out Your Closet, and Help us Raise Money!

September 29, 1-3:00p.m.

Drop off your household items, clothing, books, linens, etc., and earn money for the school! Click on the link above for more information, or contact Jennifer DeVillasee for information.

Boxtops Needed!

Bring your boxtops to the main office. Print out a collection sheet here. Boxtops are often found on name-brand items like cereal, sandwich bag boxes, food boxes, kleenex boxes, etc. Box Tops For education.

Milbrook earns free money (10 cents) for every Box Top!

Keep a look out for contests throughout the year with great prizes for our highest collectors!

Here are Three Easy Steps:

1. Clip Box Tops from your favorite Box Top Products

2. Send in the Box Tops to your child’s homeroom teacher on the attached Box Tops Flyer or in a labeled plastic bag* (write child’s name & teacher)

3. Become a member by registering on to receive exclusive coupons and learn about Box Tops Promotions


President: Jennifer DeVillasee

Treasurer: Chantese James

Secretary: Deborah Carter

DON'T FORGET TO join us on Facebook and check your Facebook feed for important updates!

Spirit Wear is Here!

Don't miss out on getting your Milbrook Mustangs Spirit Wear! Sales are open until Winter Break.

Youth T-Shirts (short sleeve) $10 (long sleeve( $12

Youth Hoodies $20

Adult Spirit Wear too!


Checks should be made out to PTA at Milbrook Elementary School and handed in with your order form to your child's teacher. A portion of the sales will support your PTA.

Bus Safety and Rules

The school day starts at the bus stop for many students. We have the same expectations for students when they are on the bus as when they are in the school building. Milbrook Elementary School students need to follow these bus rules:

1. Follow directions from the driver the first time they are given.

2. Stay in your seat at all times while the bus is in motion.

3. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.

4. Keep hands, feet, legs, arms, personal property, and your voice to yourself.

5. No eating, drinking, cell phones, or vulgar language at any time on the bus.

Please reinforce the rules and importance of following the rules with our children. Parents are reminded to report any concerns regarding student bus behavior to the bus drivers or to the school administration. Parents are not allowed to get on a bus to confront the bus driver or other children.


All Baltimore County Public Schools are required to have a detailed School Emergency Safety Plan. These plans will help to ensure the safety of all Baltimore County Public School students, staff members, and visitors. The plans are updated each year and copies are sent to the local police and fire departments. During the school year, a variety of drills, including fire, evacuation, lock down, and severe weather will be conducted. One important aspect of the plan includes detailed procedures necessary for accounting for all members of the school community in the event of an emergency.

This is one reason that it is critical that all visitors sign in and out, as they enter and leave the school. If visitors happen to be in the school building during an emergency, we need to be able to account for everyone in the building. The goal of the plan is to keep all members of the community safe and secure. Your assistance with the procedures is greatly appreciated.


As in previous years, a doctor’s note is required for all medications that need to be given in school (both prescription and nonprescription). Included in the doctor’s note should be the child’s name, the name of the medication, dosage, time of administration, how long the medication should be given, and any possible side effects. Parents also need to give written permission for the school nurse to administer the medication. All medicines should be in a properly labeled bottle. No medicine in baggies will be accepted. All medicine is to be kept in the nurses’ office – not with the child. Finally, the medicine should be brought to school by a parent or other responsible adult. As in the past couple of years, the discretionary medication policy is being offered. Unlike the above policy, this allows the regular school nurse to administer designated over-the-counter medications provided by the Health Department. This program is for occasional use only and not for a child with a chronic health concern. Each year, consent forms must be renewed. If you have more than one child in the school, a separate form must be completed for each child. If you have any questions regarding either of the medication programs, the please contact Ms.Rachel Levy, School Nurse.

Counselor's Corner

Small Groups

Small groups are being formed now at all grade levels. Small group counseling will happen as a lunch bunch this year and topics will range from dealing with feelings, facilitating friendships, emotional and behavior regulation, self-esteem, and more. Children can be recommended for participating in a group by their teacher or parents and sometimes children are selected to be positive role models for the group. Please reach out if you would like to discuss small group counseling for your child.

Thank you,

Ms. Uhrin, Guidance Counselor

Celebrating Birthdays

If you would like to send in a small treat for your child to share with his classmates in honor of their birthday, please follow the following procedures:

· Prior to the treat being sent to school, let your child’s teacher know the date that the treat will be provided.

· We no longer allow food to be brought in as a birthday treat, unless it is purchased through our cafeteria. They do provide this with several weeks’ notice. Please contact Ms. Bauer in the cafeteria for further information. If you do not utilize this service from our cafeteria, you are welcome to bring in a small token, such as a pencil or fun eraser, for the birthday child to distribute to the class.

· Please drop off the treats in the office. The teacher will pick up the treat and the special child will pass out the treat to their class.

Birthday party invitations may only be distributed through school if every student in your child’s class is being invited. We never want to hurt children’s feelings.

Milbrook Elementary School Vision

Milbrook Elementary School is committed to providing a meaningful and rigorous academic program that fosters continuous growth for each student. Students, teachers, parents and the community work together as a team, by building strong relationships in order to provide a safe, productive, and positive learning environment. Milbrook Elementary School teachers empower students to take responsibility for their own learning. The entire community is dedicated to preparing students to become globally competitive citizens in a culturally diverse world.

Milbrook Elementary School Mission

Milbrook Mustangs are on TRACK! As a Milbrook Mustang:

Today I am going to

Respect Everyone

Act Responsibly

Come Prepared

Keep Safe

About Us

Principal Mrs. Gorman

Assistant Principal Mrs. Brinkley

Other Important Numbers:

Office: 410-887-1225

School FAX: 410-887-6744

Guidance: Ms. Uhrin

Nurse: Mrs. Levy