Visual Images Assessment

By: Kim Chang

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Image 3


In this image, Sadako is laying down peacefully with a calm and happy expression on her face. She is covered in lots of paper cranes. The boy in the middle of the image is her brother releasing all the paper cranes so they can fly away. This image is about Sadako getting buried with the thousand paper cranes.


As a reader, the image makes me feel happy and refreshing because both of their looks are cheerful. I can almost feel the crane's freedom of being released. The way Sadako is closing her eyes makes me feel sorrowful because she will never wake up again.


The tone of the picture is bright. The background is dark to make Sadako, her brother and the cranes stand out. The brightness of this image show pleasure and happiness. It offers us an opportunity to look at other features in the image. The framing of the picture brings us near to the cranes to make us feel closer to their actions.