Human Rights Violations

Human Rights Violations in Mali

3 Human Right Violations

There are many more violations, but these are the top 3 Human Rights Violated by Mali

1. Recruiment of Children and Child Labour.

The military groups in Mali recruited, trained, and put Children into war. Some of the kids were as young as 12, and many were killed. Also because of the Childrens trainings, many schools were destroyed. Children have also been used in many dangerous jobs around the country. The country had said that they would ban this, but nothing has happened in the past 2 1/2 years that was announced.

2. Abuses by State Security Forces.

While the Malian forces were in campaign to take back the North, they committed many abuses. They used summary executions, enforced disappearances, and torture. The prisoners were kicked, beaten and strangled, burned, and forced to drink poison.

3. The Judiciary.

People are being jailed with no professional evidence of why, and they couldn't defend themselves. The jails climates are horrible, and 7 of the 250 Islamic Rebels prisoned have died due to bad medical care.

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Conclusion of the violated rights

The list goes on about the amount of rights broken in Mali. The country needs to figure out how to manage it's problems or it should be assisted by large nation groups to help get the country going. The amount of broken rights is horrible, and this country is in peaces. There is an ongoing war, while the needs of the people are not being meet.