Life Sandwich

By: Megan Kissi

Top Slice of Bread

It doesn't matter where your family lives, what matters is that there is love.

"Who is Mean Kissi"? Well if you don't know, let me tell you. After reading many baby books, my mom picked 3 names she really liked. Out of those 3 names she chose, Megan. Not sure about a middle name, my dad was asked to picked that. I have 2 middle names, one name is my grandma's name that lives in Africa and the other name is an African word for queen. I was born in Baldwin Park, California on October 6, 2001at 11:15 pm, about 3 weeks after 9-11. I spent 4 days in NICU before I was able to go home with my mom. Even though my dad lived nearby, I lived with my mom. When I was 5. my mom made a hard decision to move to Texas right after I finished kindergarten. We have been here for 7 years.

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American Cheese

Having the same hobbies and passions as someone else doesn't make both of you the same.

There are many things that I love in my life. The one major thing that stands out is my passion for basketball. I love basketball with all my heart. I eat, sleep, and breathe basketball. Another one of my hobbies is playing the keyboard. When I was younger I taught myself how to play. My key interest is science. I am obsessed with how the human body works and weather. I have tempted so many science experiments. Along with that, I love to watch tornado shows and movies. My aunt is a science teacher, so that's where all that come from.

Swiss Cheese

Family is like a shiny key to a new door.

My immediate family consist of my mom and I, but I do have my dad who lives in California with my step-mom and my 3 year old half sister. I see them once a year. For a three year old, she is full of energy, and keeps me busy when I'm there. I know they love me very much. My mom's side of the family lives in Wisconsin/Minnesota area. I go to see them once a year maybe twice, if lucky. I have 2 cousins. one is 22 and the other is 2. They both are amazing , and vey fun to hang around with. My Papa is no longer with me, but my Nana still lives in Wisconsin. All of my family is great and I couldn't ask for any more.


Parents are the best thing to have.

I have an amazing mom and dad. My dad is from Ghana, West Africa. He now lives in California and works as a nurse in a state hospital. He is highly intelligent person with a great heart. As for my mom, she grew up as a farmer's daughter in Wisconsin. She is a kindergarten teacher. She is kind-hearted person, but also likes to have some fun. My parents are very supportive of everything I want to do or try. My parents impacted me by setting good examples and expecting me to do my best.

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It's game day today,

and I wake up with anticipation.

Jersey is clean,

Ball is ready.

The gym is silent,

not a sound can be heard.

Except for my footsteps,

echoing through the empty space.

The locker room is loud with excitement,

coaches are pep-talking us to win.

When I walk on the court all I hear,

is basketballs dribbling far and near.

When the games starts,

the crowd goes wild.

Anticipating a win,

from the best team.

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Love is a big part of family, it's what keeps it together.

On March 19, 2012 my grandpa passed away. My family and I were all heart broken. He was amazing and the best grandpa you could ever have. Before he passed, I would go see him once a year, most of the time for Christmas. I would always sit down with him and then the next thing, we couldn't stop laughing. When he died I was very sad. I had to skip school to see him one last time. Now every time I go to visit my family, we go see him. He is in a better place now. I couldn't have asked for a better grandpa.

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True friends will always stand by you no matter what.

Once I thought I had true friends until I found out they were talking behind my back. One of my best friends overheard them talking about me. As they said bad things about me, my friend just listened. That next day she told me secretly what she heard. She told me everything they said, She said not to trust them. She also said when she confronted them, they denied saying anything about me. She is very good friend to tell me all of this. This leaves a sour taste in my mouth because I thought they were my friends, but they proved otherwise.

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Family is all you need in life through thick and thin.

When I was younger I thought just because my dad was African, I was African as well. So I told my family that I was African. At first I thought I was right. After hearing myself say this my family starting laughing. They had to explain to me several times that I wasn't African but African American. They had explain what the difference was. I was kind of embarrassed about it. So ever since then every time I go see my family they always ask "Are you still African?". That is now our family joke. We always have a good laugh about it.

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Bottom Slice of Bread

Nobody ever knows who they will become except for you.

One day I want to become a WNBA professional basketball player. I want to earn enough money to give back to my family for everything they have done for me. I also want to earn money for charity. After I have retired from a long journey of basketball, I want to go into sports medicine. It will be on the surgical side. So if someone becomes injured, I will be there to help them overcome their injury and continue doing what they desire to do. I feel I will understand their pain and desire to do whatever it takes to get well and to continue to do what they do best. Sports is my passion and I want to help others achieve theirs.

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