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Zack's Run

Zack's Run

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Zack's Run


Roland Smith

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Zach is a normal kid who went to school and cared for his family.After a few days his dad went missing. His family has been worrying about him for a long time. Then they knew what his position was. An agency in that area said that they have to change there identity and move out of there home. He started from a normal kid and then suddenly he has to change all of his identity.

Matt is a character in Zack's Lie. He is one of those characters who is a minor character, but has major importance because he is the on e who tells the bad guys what there true identity and where they are living

Jacks Run - Book Trailer


There is a sequel to this book (it is the book before Zack's Run)named Jack's lie.It takes to the introduction of the whole series.It mostly has the same characters and are in the same setting for most of the book.In the second book it introduces more characters, settings conflicts and new enemies.