WEA Update

If you missed the WEA General Membership Meeting...

WEA General Membership Meeting

What a great turnout we had for the WEA & WESS meeting. Kristi Laukhuf, our new Region 31 Uniserve Director was on hand to meet everyone.

Please talk with your building rep to receive your copy of the materials she brought with her. One of booklets she brought explains where your dues go. The postcard she brought with provides you with information about professional development opportunities IEA/NEA provides!

Many building reps also picked up the Weingarten Rights card. This card gives you what you can say to admin if you want to have a union rep with you during a discussion!

Volunteers Needed!!

WEA Bylaws are a bit old and need to be revised. The last time they were revised was the year 2000. We need members to help us revise the bylaws. What are the bylaws you ask? They are the rules that govern WEA!

There will be two to three meetings. Please email WoodridgeWEA@gmail.com and volunteer! If you have questions, we will do our best to answer them!

Mark Your Calendars!

We will have meetings on the following dates with the following topics!

Monday, March 20th, 4:30 pm

Receive Draft of revised Bylaws & IEA NEA Member Benefits

Monday, April 24th, 4:30 pm

Questions/Comments on Bylaws

Monday, May 22nd, 4:30 pm

Vote on Bylaws

WEA Website

Check out WEA Website. Let us know what we can add to show what you are doing!! Want more on that website, let us know what we can add!


Contact us thru your building reps, or email!