America's Next Top Model

Casting Call at Colonie Center with iSmile!

What You Need to Know!

The national TV show America's Next Top Model is holding a casting call for their upcoming season at Colonie Center on January 6, 2013. Prospective contestants can submit their application and head shot directly to the producers of the TV show that day!

We are playing a large role in the advertising and promotion of this event. From December 17 to January 6, this will be ALL OVER the TV, radio, billboards, and mall media.

Contestants can get a FREE 5x7 headshot at iSmile, which they need to submit as part of their application to be considered as a contestant on the show.

We will also be running a separate Facebook contest for all heads shots taken as part of this promotion, apart from everything happening with the mall and TV show. The winner will receive a free modeling portfolio from iSmile, valued at $400. We will upload all images taken to a single Facebook album, and allow voting for one week (January 7-14). The person with the most "likes" will win the prize from us.

So, here's how this is all going to work:

Contestants need to make an appointment for their head shot.

I want you to take FIVE DISTINCT DIFFERENT headshots (including one full body). Katie Mae was kind enough to model for me and I would like you to look at her gallery to see what you should be shooting.!i=2253842581&k=w4CN8pj

We will have cards printed that YOU need to fill out for each contestant. YOU NEED TO FILL IT OUT SO I CAN READ IT!!! It will have space for their name, phone, email they use for Facebook (important so they can be properly tagged in the contest), and a model release. There will also be space for the image number in Darkroom they like. These cards MUST BE PLACED IN THE BOX ON MY DESK so we can keep track of everything.

Each model can have one sheet of 5x7s for free.

Retouching is $5 per image. Offer it on EVERYONE. No exceptions.

On the day of the casting call, those applicants who have not yet had their head shot done will be sent upstairs to iSmile. That day, we will need to have two photographers dedicated to a camera room just for the event, to shoot/upload/print.

If you have any questions, please see me right away as this is starting in 12 days.

If you would like some help learning how to take adult head shots, please ask Bob. We will not allow mediocre photography, including poor posture or head positioning, so please brush up on your skills before you start shooting actual customers.

This is going to be HUGE for us so be ready!! YAY!

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