Malice Aforethought

By Anthony Berkeley


A Devon physician, Dr. Bickleigh, who is in an unhappy marriage to a domineering wife, Julia, has thoughts to divorce her. However since that isn't working he plans to murder and marry a younger female, Madeleine.


Suspect: Dr. Bickleigh

Victim 1: Julia

Victim 2: Madeleine

Victim 3: Madeleine's Husband


After getting away with Julia's murder, Bickleigh married Madeleine, but still wasn't happy so they divorced. After Madeleine remarried, she started suspecting that Dr. Bickleigh murdered Julia. When Bickleigh caught wind of her suspicions he poisoned her and her husband with lead. However they lived and that lead to an investigation. Later on, after doing another autopsy on Julia and taking blood samples of Madeleine and her husband. The authorities had enough evidence to convict Bickleigh for murder of Julia Bickleigh. He was sentenced to 46 years in prison and is medical License were revoked.


Bickleigh, could have taken another approach to divorcing his wife instead of killing her. Also the way he killed her was cruel and because he was a doctor he though he could get away with it. He thought there was no need for him to hide evidence. Honestly I think he should've gotten more time in prison, he should've gotten life. Not just because of murder, but because he was determined to kill, he thought to kill and he did just so. And he even tried it again.