Ms. Mac's Memos


College Week...

This Friday we are celebrating college week. Please encourage your students to wear college gear on Friday.

New Teacher Check-In...

We will have our new teacher check-in meeting on Thursday morning at 7:40am in the front office conference room. We will discuss Phase 2- Management and Rigor, pages 145-221.

Kindergarten- Benchmark Phonics Assessment

The Kindergarten Phonics Assessments will take place Tuesday-Thursday. Please remain quiet in the halls and be mindful of students testing near the Specials classrooms.

Super Specials...

Just a reminder, Super Specials is on Tuesday. EVERYONE will need to follow the B day schedule on Tuesday. If you have questions, please drop in and see me! The schedules are below.
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Homecoming Float...

Just a reminder in lieu of PLCs we will be decorating the float in teams. If you are a EIP, ESOL, SPED teacher please join your grade level team in assisting with decorating.

Lunch Applications...

This is the last week for families to complete applications. Please, please, please remind your parents to complete their applications.

Not only does this help with free breakfast and lunch for our students, it also has the potential to affect our title one funds.

Mac's Monthly Missions

Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to utilize differentiated math stations (three different times). You have to tweet using- #macsmonthlymission #parkstreetallin and @PSE_Principal showing your students in different math stations (picture or video). Stations must be differentiated (cannot be different worksheets or random activities that are not tied to the standard)

Mission Prize- Entered into a drawing for a free $50.00 gift card to School Box.

Fall Festival and Soccer Game...

Thank you to all of you that attended the Fall Festival and Soccer game! You made both events wonderful for our students.

Staff Shout-outs

1. Dana Mosley

Thanks for always being there to help me out with any questions I have about anything. You are a fountain of knowledge and are always so generous with sharing all that you know. Thank you for serving our kids in a way that keeps them interested and having fun. You're awesome!

2. Lisa Cabrera

Thank you for always going the extra mile to help me out and giving me ideas for different ways we can better serve our kiddos. Thank you for always being there when I need you! You're amazing!

3. Mitzi Langdon

Thank you for always being there when I need you! You're such an amazing co-worker! You even showed up over our fall break with chicken soup to help me feel better after my surgery! You are so thoughtful and caring. I love seeing the activities you do with your kiddos. They are so innovative and fun and it's awesome to see just how much your kiddos LOVE you! You're such an amazing teacher and person. The world needs more people like you!!!

4. Alex Soto

Thank you Mr. Soto for coming to visit my classroom during writer's workshop. You gave great feedback and I am really excited to implement these new strategies in my classroom. It was a pleasure discussing with you ways I can be better and hearing some positive notes on what I was doing in my classroom! I don't always feel like I'm doing that well, so hearing so much positivity from you means the WORLD to me! Thank you so, so much!

5. Katie Fitzgerald

Katie, you're an amazing teacher! It is apparent how much you love being here and how much you care about your kids! I hope I can be as great of a teacher as you someday! :)

6. Kindergarten Team

Thank you for all of your hard work and diving into the new Phonics Curriculum!

7. Mr. Johnson

Thank you for all your time and effort coaching Soccer in the Streets