Mr. Ebeling's Updates

Navigating the Five C's TOGETHER

November 18, 2013

First Mates are Here

CLICK HERE to view the 2013-2014 First Mate pairings. Have fun bonding relationships and helping to further our positive school environment.

High Level Lockdown Drill- This week Wednesday 1:15

Click Here to view a short video I made to update you on High Level lockdowns. "Short" means 6 minutes. I never knew how much I can just carry on and say the same thing over and over:) I am very passionate about school safety and think about it every day! Please watch the video, review your flip chart and talk to me if you have ANY questions. In addition, you will be getting a sticker to put on your phone so you would know how to make an emergency "All School" announcement in the case you needed to. When you dial *4 70 # a siren will ring quickly and then an announcement can be made alerting the building to an issue. The more information the better!

Bay Harbor Staff Website- Newsletter Updates

On the Bay Harbor Staff Website, you will find the heading "Newsletters". Here you will find the archived Smores. In the coming days, I will be adding brief descriptions next to each date so you know what was talked about.

REMINDER: Page is password protected. Password: #sailorpride

Giving Tree Food Drive

WOW!!! Way to go. I believe we hit 50. When you include +/- pts for human error, then we probably surpassed 50. This means it is time for you to brainstorm some ideas with your class as to WHAT Mr. Ebeling should do because of their Giving personalities. I will disclose what I have to do on the December 2nd All School Assembly. Thank you for all that you did to help raise food donations for the Giving Tree! Way to go

Technology PD

To help lead our building through the Digital Transformation we will be providing Monthly learning opportunities as well as brief (20 minutes) "Tech Bytes" for just in time learning. The goal of the monthly opportunities will be to build our staff's knowledge of the "Technology Non-Negotiables" which are the basic platform that all must know to move forward. If you have any thoughts about offerings OR would like to present a "tech byte", please let me know. The second staff meeting of each month will be strictly Technology focused.

November 21- Attendance is OPTIONAL for this Meeting- Bring Macbook and iPad

  1. Option 1: Google Basics (Held in Library)- We will be digging in to: Google Drive, Google Docs, Sharing, Linking, Commenting.
  2. Option 2: Schoology Basics (Held in Computer Lab)- This course will be to: Create a course, upload resources.

Jan Richardson Book Study

Our December 5th meeting will be focused on Chapter 4. Please be sure to have that portion read and any Schoology "assignment" completed. THANK YOU for your grand attention and conversation. I enjoyed listening to the interactions amongst your Crews! You all do great things! I hope you will have some takeaways from our work together.

Bay Harbor Staff Holiday Party

Saturday, Dec. 14th 2013 at 6pm

Tony's house- 2741 Moose Creek Trail, Green Bay, WI, United States

CLICK HERE for more information and to find a form to RSVP. We need to know numbers asap as we are planning for food, drink, etc.

Past Items that are Relevant

It's Hard to know if you don't know you know?

CLICK HERE to document things you would like to know more about. I will keep this as a standing item on my newsletter. From your feedback, I will either meet with you individually, as a team, or get information to the entire staff depending on the common themes. As always, PLEASE feel free to contact me directly as well.