What's "Stemming" this week!

Week of November 17, 2014

Couple of Things

  • Please make sure you have turned in your parent conference form before you leave on Friday.
  • PLC minutes, grade level Essential 5, and common assessments are also due before break!
  • Reminder....Team Leader meeting after school today


  • SHOUT OUT to the Design Team! Thank you for a great morning!!
  • SHOUT OUT TO Meagan for being all bundled up this morning with morning duty! I appreciate you and Marissa always having a smile in the mornings!
  • SHOUT OUT to Laura Martin and Mary Kooistra for always being so positive!
  • SHOUT OUT once again to Lockhart! Congrats on your new position! We are proud of you and you will be missed!

Rigor IS and IS NOT

RIGOR is framing the lesson at the higher end of blooms




ITS all about the design of the learning experience

Rigor does NOT mean:

More work


Rigid — all assignments are due by……no exceptions

Must master the basics first

for the elite

ALL students should have equal access to Rigorous learning opportunities

Supporting and Readiness Standards on STAAR


  • 60%-70% of the eligible TEKS
  • 35%-40% of the assessment (STAAR)
  • 0-1 question per standard


  • 30%-40% of the eligible TEKS
  • 60%-65% of the assessment (STAAR)
  • 2-4 questions per standard

Effective teaching -- what drives your teaching

Lesson Design is critical when it comes to the success of the learner. Design must happen in these steps:

  • Standards: You must know your road map for your standards. What are the TEKS that you are needing students to master.
  • Learning Target: Written in student friendly terms
  • Assessment: What do you want your students to know and be able to do by the end of the lesson.
  • Activity/Task: This happens last and you utilize a variety of different resources.

Thoughts to Ponder.....

  • Do you know the difference between skill focused teaching and conceptual focused teaching? How are you planning for conceptually based instruction?
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Have a GREAT week off!! Make this week count:) You have all done a fabulous job this year and all deserve a great Thanksgiving Break! Thanks for being YOU!