Survival Guide

By Jaylan Ray

location , geography and climate

my location is drakenberg africa my geography is the mountains , the climate is over 20 degrees, the range is 29 to 39 degrees

Four Steps To Survive

1 step : go find shelter 2nd step: at the evening go to the stream and collect water step 3 go back to shelter and sleep step 4 : go find food in the morning and stay in shelter
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Animal Life

they have kudu , jaguars , and the bull snake . 1: kudu could be great meat for me when i get hungry. 2: it could kill me with its long horns
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plant life

the red daises , fynbos , and the ericas !: the daises can make food when your really hungry yes it is edible , 2: no it is not poisonous .
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