Weekly Update

February 4-8

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This week’s staff meeting has been canceled. Instead, I will be meeting with department chairs to review High Reliability School’s (HRS) data. More information to come.
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Red River will be hosting Parent Teacher Conferences this Thursday, February 28 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm. We will be serving pizza and gluten free pizza from Marcos in the Teachers Lounge starting at 3:15 pm.
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All juniors will be registering for the ACT on Tuesday, March 5 in the Rider Room. The state ACT exam will take place on Tuesday, March 12 . Students will be released from class via the intercom using the following schedule:

8:15 am--Last names A-G

9:10 am--Last names H-O

1:20 pm--Last names P-Z

2:15 pm--Make-up session

***Each session will take no longer than one hour.

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Allison Hanson, Attendance Secretary L-Z

What is your birthday? September 22nd

What are your favorite snacks and treats? Cheese n crackers, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, corn nuts, and of course cake!

What is your favorite thing at Starbucks? Vanilla bean chiller

What is your favorite local restaurant or place to go? Mexican Village or Now & Never Nutrition

What are your hobbies? I love going to the movies and baking with my girls

Who was your favorite high school teacher and why? Mrs. Evanson. Even tho she was "tough" at times, she said it like it was and kept us in line and cared about everyone! She made sure to keep me in line!

What is your most memorable moment or event from high school? I loved going to all sports activities with friends, esp against our rival, Red River

If money was not a consideration, how would you spend a day off? I would take my girls and parents to breakfast, usually the Northside Cafe. We would probably end up going shopping, I love to shop! I would love to do an afternoon movie but my girls may need a nap?! Follow it up with one of our favorite places, Now & Never Nutrition or Tea & Crepe. Depending on weather around here....either an afternoon walk or going sledding.

What is your dream vacation? Family vacation to either Hawaii or Jamaica

What is something people here might not know about you? That I would love to own my own business, preferably a bar/restaurant.

What is one thing that you want to check off your bucket list? I would love to jump out of an airplane!

Complete this sentence: I feel valued when... people give me compliments about my hard work and going the extra mile.

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