Mickey Mouse Man

By Ryleigh Keys

Who Was

Do you want to know who made Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse. Walt was born on December 5th,1901 in Hermosa, Chicago IL. Walt’s parents names was Flora and Elias Disney. Disney movies made his parents divorce harder. Walt had four siblings Ray, Roy, Ruth and Herbert.Walt married Lillian and had two daughters Diane and Sharon. Sadly, Walt died at the age of 65 1966 because of Lung Cancer. Without Want there would be no Mickey Mouse.

Should We Be More Like Him?

I think we should we should try to be more like Walt because he made people happy with his work. He made family entertainment. He inspires kids to never give up and to try new things and follow their heart. He made family movies to get people together. He opened a theme park so that people could enjoy their time together.

What Did He Do?

As a child walt loved making cartoons with his brother. He loved to make people smile with his work. He entertained little little boys and girls all over the world with Mickey Mouse. He made Mickey Mouse cartoons. He made movies with Mickey Mouse. He even entertained adults. Before fame Walt worked as an ambulance for Red Cross in France. He founded The Walt Disney Company with his brother Roy O. Disney. In 2010, it grossed $36-45 billion in 2013.

What Was His Impact On The World?

Walt’s impact on the world was opening a theme park and gathering people from around the world. He entertained little kids with Mickey Mouse. He made people happy with his work. Walt made fun movies for kids and adults. He never gave up that is what made him so famous.