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"2013 The Year of Transformation"

Week of August 11th-17th

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Greetings From Bishop and Pastor Williams

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Healthy Nuggets From Sunday's Sermon Entitled "So You Think You Can Dance," by Bishop Rick Williams Sr.

Scripture References:

Matthew 20:20-23

Ezekiel 28:14-20

Isaiah 14

TV show called "So You Think You Can Dance?"

There are things happening where people think they can dance.

Dance: Move to a rhythmic sound

Everyone thinks they can dance

Dance also means to wait

Some people can dance.

Some in the bible THOUGHT they could dance.

Isaiah 14- Lucifer; morning star; when he moved music came out of him. The devil is the bright and morning star he perpetrates as an angel of light

Sometimes we move because of what people say about us.

Lucifer thought he could dance. He listened to his own self existance; He thought he could ascend unto the place of God.

Everyones hearing music over their head.. people say look at them thats cute.

When we hear music we begin to respond to the music and move

There is a certain way to dance.

Family may say thats cute but the judge will want to know do you have the desire to dance.

Without desire youll never be a great dancer.

When you have the desire you will practice.

God has spoken to you yet you dont have the desire.

You ask for things yet you dont know what youre asking for.

Lucifer wanted to be AS God.

Some think they can dance but get voted off because they thought they could dance.

Just because someone says you can dance doesn't mean that you can .

You need instructions.

Your whole dance routine must have discipline.

You must have in anticipation.

You must be present/ in attendance.

You must hear what they are saying to you.

You cant be here then not be here.

We must be here when we are here not preoccupied with phone, text, asleep etc.

You must be attentive.

You must be disciplined.

The dance is there but you must perfect it.

God is saying you are doing it perfectly the way you said do it.

Lucifer allowed lawlessness/iniquity to come inside him.

God just thought things and it came to pass.

Lucifer wanted his throne to be higher than his.

There are consequences to iniquity and when God says do it but you do differently.

God wants you to stay where you are sent.

Miracles happen after instructions.

Example: Vessels with oil

So does the dance come after instruction

You must desire anticipation

You must have confidence- Faith

Must have conscience to do it.

What are your notions?

You must be in alignment.

We all think we have the goods.

Sometimes we dont understand what we are asking for

The call of God will kill you.

God has a pattern. You cant have it both ways.

You have to do it the right way. Whats causing you to move? You must sit still and let God do it for you.

You must do like he did. Still away like he did. When you dance you must pray and do what it takes.

You cant conform.

Some think they can dance because of what others told them.

If you cant be faithful in least you cant be faithful over much.

You dont have luxury of being their unless you make the sacrifices. If you are not serving you have no juice.

Minister means servant.

You wanna dance but you dont know what youre asking for.

We sit in judgement but we dont know the whole story.

The Lord says you cant come up here with me I need a faithul servant.

When your dancing is the Lord your partner?

Enoch walked with God.

We are so busy doing our own thing we cant hear God.

We must seek Gods face.

Its time out for pride.

We arent nothing apart from God.

Are you anticipating move of God?

Will you be like Lucifer or be humbled?

You must get into alignment be disciplined.

You must be corrected now so that when you get sent out in the world you wont get hurt and pimped out.

Follow me as I follow God.

Sometimes the person you are dancing with will try to seduce you.

The wind will blow floods will come..make sure you are not dancing with Lucifer.

Difference between went and sent is having the blessing and just being sent.

What song are you dancing to?

We think we are our own but we are just stewards we are not our own.


What a powerful message we all heard today! If you would like to order this messege " So You Think You Can Dance," in its entirety, please call the church or visit the C.I.C.A.N bookstore to purchase your copy today!

Sunday Highlights

Church Humor

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Weekly Reminders

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Sunday Intercession 10:00 am Sunday Service 10:30 am

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"Couples In Christ" Marriage Ministry Meets Fourth Friday of Each Month

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Mission Soul Reach Possible

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The Youth & Young adults are sponsoring an evangelistic outreach campaign to minister "Care" to the men and women in the military. We are calling it "Mission Soulreach Possible."

We solicit your support, ideas, and participation to help us raise money for this great mission.

Will you help? Our goal is to send 25 to 50 prepackaged care packages by the end of July.

Contact: MIT Talita Mapp or Young Adult Leader Chi Chi for more information following the service.

Thank you in advance!

Calling ALL Writers!

The Youth and Young Adults will be writing letters to our soldiers and would also like for the children to participate. Sometimes just a friendly letter of appreciation with a cute smiley face is just what a lonely soldier needs after a long day in the field.

If you would like your child to participate, please have them write a little letter of appreciation, the size of notebook paper (Its ok for parents to assist) for example: "Hello! Thank you for protecting our country." Add some cute drawings and if possible, stickers to make it EXTRA special for whomever will be opening it!

If your child feels they're not the best artist, that's okay! They may also cut out coloring sheets, decorate them and paste to note paper!

Support Missions

If you would like to make a monetary donation to assist with the cost of supplies etc, for the rebuilding of the clinic and orphanage and/or you would like to sponsor a child in Haiti, please call the church for more information.

Volunteers For Church Clean Up

Can You Lend A helping Hand?

There is the need for someone to clean the church on the 5th and 1st Saturday of each month. You could come as a team, with another family or ministry or you could swap out with someone every other month. There are many ways to serve in this area even if its just picking up trash in the sanctuary after each service.

"When you take care of Gods house, he will take care of yours!"

Happy Birthday To All August Babies!

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Prayer For the Sick, Shut In and Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones

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"Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest" (Matthew 9:38).


Pray For Souls

Proverbs 11:30 "He that winneth souls is wise."

"What Do You Have In Your Hand? Is it a song? Is it a dance? Is it a poem? You can win souls for the kingdom by utilizing the gifts and talents he has given you all IN THE NAME OF JESUS! What will you do with whats in your hand? Use it to glorify God in the earth and you shall receive wages in heaven!

Romans 8:19 The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed

"Gods Glory Is Being Revealed In Earthen Vessels!" Hallelujah!!!

C.I.C.A.N Youth and Young Adults Prayer Night

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Prayer For All Leaders

Special Thanks!

On the behalf of Bishop and Pastor Williams, you are invited to attend any of our weekly services! "Come just as you are!"

Special thanks and appreciation for the faithfulness of all C.I.C.A.N congregants, family and friends that support this ministry. "May God never forget your labors of love!"

Remember, "There Is No Law Against Love!"

In His Presence,

The Chronicler, Shawanda "Shay" Anthony

"Sometimes those you find hardest to love need it the most."

Our Mission

To be in relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to reach others by preaching the gospel house to house, city to city, and nation to nation.