Harley Davidson

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The story about a motorcycle

Harley Davidson was founded in the year 1903 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. The current CEO of Harley Davidson is Keith E. Wandell. Harley Davidson owns several subsidiaries in which they compete in the motorcycle industry. Their chief competitors are Honda motor company, Yamaha motor, and Kawasaki heavy industries
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The Factors of Production

Their main product is the heavyweight motorcycles. According to forbes Harley Davidson has 6,400 employees. Their net worth is 12.88 billion dollars. :)

Financial Info

They are making a profit but over the years it has generally been less and less.

Stock Information

Their symbol in HOG and they trade in the NYSE. Last years 52 week high/low was 74.20/55.12 and this years 52 week high/low is 74.13/54.22. They have never split. They currently have 1,424,788 stocks. They unfortunately don't pay dividends. Micheal Francis rates Harley Davidson as a good stock because of the customer brand loyalty.
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yes, big rise in the beginning then a steep fall with a steady rise. When your investing, go big or go home because with a small amount of a stock its harder to make even.