Schumacher LMC Think Tank

Spring 2014

4th and 5th grade students were excited to welcome bloggers Don Hafner to Schumacher on March 6. Don and his wife Shelley are leaving at the end of the month to go on a 59 week journey to all 59 National Parks! They spoke with students about their passion for the parks system and their desire to share what they find with other people. The Hafners will be keeping a blog throughout their travels and our students will have the opportunity to follow them all over the country. We will even have a chance to communicate with the Hafner's via Skype and Twitter throughout the next year.

To follow their journey, check out

To see a feature by KCTV5, check out this link:

Primary Students Explored a Winter Wonderland!

Over the past few months, Kindergarten and First Grade students have been working on a special project with other classrooms from around the school district. Each class selected an image of something related to winter. Then, we sent our picture to a class in a different building. Those students created a long list of questions they wondered about our image. It was our job to find answers to all of their questions using books, videos, and online resources. It was hard work, but we were able to find some great answers and create books to share all of our information with our partner classes. Throughout the process, classes learned about polar bears, avalanches, blizzards, snow, and igloos. We had so much fun wondering, researching, and sharing!

Genius Hour is Wrapping Up!

Thank you to all of our parents who have helped students with their Genius Hour projects. We have seen some amazing discoveries and several students have developed products that we just might see on Shark Tank some day! We are in the final phases of finishing our products and will begin presenting soon after Spring Break. We can't wait to share our results with you in the coming weeks.

Want to know more about the theory behind Genius Hour? Check out the article from CNN below!