A small town on the Atlantic


Valtameri provides some of the best education in the northeast. It also hosts some of the best artistic people in the country. Tough weather can't deter the pride and happiness of our town.

Facts about Valtameri

Our small town is inhabited by 3,000 wonderful people that make this town what it is today. Our location makes it a nice place to relax from the busy city life. We have many rentals and hotels along the coastline, with a perfect view of the sunset. The climate is sometimes harsh, but usually fantastic. If your a fisher, photographer, or athlete, this makes a perfect place to visit or live in!

Fun things to do

Our town is packed full of recreational things to do, we are on the ocean. If you like water or land activities, this is the perfect place to live. Visit our famous lighthouse to learn a bit about our town history. The town square is packed full of small-town shops with greeting workers. The best of all is our harbor. It has a ferris wheel, boat rides, and a five star restaurant. There are plenty of things to do in Valtameri

Our Town Concepts

Our town is based off of the ideas of education, creativeness, and athleticism. The local schools of Valtameri provide exceptional education and sport opportunities. Also, our town is full of recreational and artistic facilities. Most important, our town is based off of the atlantic, using it for travel, fishing, and other water activities. After all, nothing is more beautiful then the ocean!
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Our town has some of the best education. Although it is small, we still provide necessary education. We have grades kindergarten through high school. We have an amazing selection of certified teachers who are determined to help our students sucess. Our variety of classes range from music to geometry, art to history. High school classes have an even bigger assortment of to courses take, including language.
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Our town features many athletic idea from the Greek and Romans like the town recreation center which has gym’s, racket courts, and out town also have a basketball court. Because of our town is located next to the ocean we have many swimming and spa resorts .


Creativity is a major concept and focus point of our community. We are urging everyone to take part in creative activities like art, film, and the performing arts. Valtameri hosts a film festival thats invites film prodigies and beginners to show off their talent. Just like the Greeks and Romans, we love art. Valtameri is home to some of the most famous artists in the world. We hope you come to stay or visit and look at all of the art throughout Valtameri.

Valtameri Film Festival

Tuesday, June 16th 2015 at 10:30am to Friday, June 19th 2015 at 10pm

Valtameri Harbor

Even if your a beginner, bring your films to be watched and reviewed by some of the greats. If you you just want to come to watch, some of the most talented young prodigies will be coming to show off their skills. Stop by for two hours, or two days.

Willy the Whale

A group in Valtameri have recently helped a whale recover from a fishing injury. He is now swimming out in the Atlantic, but there is one thing thats strange. He won't leave the coast of Valtameri.
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