Garden Paradise Freebies

Make Money From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Make $13 to $130 per day!

What is Garden Paradise Freebies?

Paradise Freebies is a flagship site for LFK Products that pays daily commissions when you refer people to try trial offers from a list of business clients.

Some of these clients are Fortune 500 companies and some are small start up businesses trying to get their brand out to the market.

These companies are looking for customers to try their products or services. One proven way they do it is to offer them free or low cost trial periods, in hopes that the individual (like us) will like their product or service and become a long term customer.

Now we all have friends who we have recommended to try a new product, go see a popular movie, or try a new restaurant. We do it all the time. The only difference is you wouldn’t earn a commission. In this situation, Paradise Freebies is the marketing firm and you are the one who earns a commission for each referral that you send to try the product or service.

Let me ask you this. If your favorite shoe store offered to give you a brand new pair of shoes for every person that you send to their store, how likely are you to tell others about it?

How Paradise Freebies Work???

Paradise Freebies is a referral based program and your main duty will be sending people who are interested in this opportunity to your personal capture page and having them sign up. Once they sign up, they will have to complete the offer requirement (1.00 credit) for you to earn a commission.

After someone has completed their off requirements through your referral link, you will then earn a commission. Paradise Freebies will always pay your earned commissions daily! Paradise Freebies pays out through Paypal, Direct Deposit or a company check.

Sign up is fast and easy & FREE!

Sign Up! Create an account free by entering your email.

Complete Offers! Select from hundreds of offers, low cost or FREE! (I completed my offers spending only $1!)

Refer Others! (On or Off line!)

Get PAID!! Your completed referrals convert directly to CASH!

It’s just that EASY!!

Thank you for your interest in the Paradise Freebies opportunity! I hope to get you started as soon as possible so you too can start earning income daily!

If you have any more questions, you can contact me anytime!!


Wish you much success,


Here are 5 things to remember when signing up with Paradise Freebies.

1. Must be 18+ years or older

2. One ONE account per household

3. You must have a computer & internet.

4. Must sign up from your home internet. (Cannot be done through a public wifi connection)

5. Absolutely NO proxies, AOL or Public IP’s