Dana Stephens

Intermediate Dance/Dance Project


Education: Can have a bachelor's/master's degree

Training: Formal training in high school or take after school programs to prepare for college

Average Salary: Depends on number of factors/larger productions

Characteristics: Extension dance training, creativity, and imagination to transform into performance dances

Job: You have to have a diploma, strong leadership and teamwork

Skills: Physical fit, flexibility, strict diet, and rigorous routine

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Dance Therapist

Education: Master's/Doctoral degree and 2 years of graduate level education

Training: Help improve body image, relationship skills, and self expression

Average Salary: $40,000-$50,000 a year

Characteristics: Courage, Body awareness, Mindfulness, Improvisational kills, Know you won't always be the same, Get out of your own way, Flexibility, and Kindness

Skills: Have compassion, patience, and empathy to relate too others

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Professional Dancer

Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Training: Must work hard, Prove to yourself you can do better, Have to always work hard

Average Salary: $30,395 a year

Characteristics: Communication, Physical Stamina, Fitness, and Perseverance

Skills: Good technique, Artistry, Facility, and Entrepreneurial spirit

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