Parapro Assessment Testing

Tonasket School District

Important Information

Prior to scheduling the test, it is advisable to complete the on-line tutorial. The on-line tutorial is located at: ETS has developed a study guide and a practice test for test takers to help them prepare for the Assessment. The free Study Companion (PDF) and other useful tips are also available.

The test is delivered on a computer and administered by appointment. The test is in English.

To schedule the Parapro Assessment, please contact Anitra Atchison at the Tonasket School District Office at 509-486-2126 or in person at 35 DO Hwy 20 East, Tonasket WA. The cost of the test is $55.00, payable by cash or check only.

The day of the test, please report to the district office at 35 DO Hwy 20 East, Tonasket WA. There are several testing guidelines:

· Using a telephone or cellular phone during the test session is prohibited. Please make sure that cell phones, pagers, etc. are turned off and left with the front desk.

· Using prohibited aids, such as compasses, protractors, rulers, calculators, watch alarms, listening devices, beepers, pagers, watch calculators, books, pamphlets, stereos or radios with headphones, dictionaries (including electronic), translators, any other personal digital/electronic devices, and recording or photographic devices is not allowed. Please do not bring any of these items with you.

· Obtaining improper access to the test, a part of the test, or information about the test is prohibited. One piece of 8 ½ by 11 inch scratch paper will be provided to each test taker. When the test is completed, the scratch paper must be returned to the test administrator and it will be destroyed.

· Remove or attempting to remove test content from the test center is prohibited. (Under no circumstances may test content or any part of the test content be removed, reproduced and/or disclosed by any means [e.g., hard copy, verbally, electronically] to any person or entity.)

· The test takes 2 ½ hours and there are no scheduled rest breaks during a test session. If a candidate must leave the testing room briefly during the test to go to the rest room or for any reason the 2 ½ hour limit will continue to count down.

The test consists of 90 multiple-choice questions in the subject areas of reading, math, and writing. Approximately two-thirds of the questions in each subject area focus on basic skills and knowledge, and the remaining one-third of the questions in each subject area focus on applying those skills and knowledge in a classroom setting.

The candidate’s unofficial score report will open in the browser/window upon exiting the test. The passing score for the state of Washington is 461.

ETS will send an official score report to the candidate within two to three weeks of testing. However, the day of the test, the district office will provide you with a copy of your unofficial test scores that you can use for employment requirements.

To schedule a retake, please contact Anitra Atchison at the Tonasket School District Office at 509-486-2126. Retakes cost $55 per test and must be paid prior to the retake.