Rescue Hunters

by: Jorie, Bayli, Ivan, and Gavin

Are problem is that the NISD area is growing rapidly

And animals habits are being destroyed!

The causes of that are snakes are coming in to people's property witch leads to people in danger of poison!

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Also turtles are eating are plants,and gardens witch means plants are perishing

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Bunnies are carrying deases that could possibly get to us witch means we could get bad sickness

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OUR PLAN- we could make taller schools to take up less space of a habitat!

We would put a bathroom on every floor,put kindergarten AMP, nursery and PACE on first floor. first grade and library on second floor,and so one to sixth grade. We would have two playgrounds on seventh floor, one for K-1 and one for 2-6. To get to different floors we would have a elevator. On the roof we would have a green house for high school & college experiments & plant studies. Also plants like grass,trees and crops or flowers that would perish would be brought to the green house. A farmer would be paid $450.00 everyday to come take care of the green house.
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If you follow our plan these things might happen,

Animals habits will not be destroyed

The food chain won't be broken

Animals will not become extinct!

If our idea is not taken these things might happen,

Wild animals will perish of hunger and thirst because we are taking their natural habitats

Wild animals will be forced to move because schools are taking too much space

Animals will perish and will stop the food chain!



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