Peek of the Week

Mrs. Cousins' and Ms. Welker's Class

Language Arts


This week we have been learning how to make an inference. The children learned how we can use clues in the story and our schema to infer what is happening in the story. We talked about the difference between make a prediction and making an inference. When you make a prediction you are talking about what will happen next and when you make an inference you are talking about what is happening in the present.

Next week we will be studying text features of non fiction books. Some features of a non fiction book include table of contents, index, headings, photographs, glossary, etc.

  • Phonics/Word Study

Consonant Clusters

Continue with vowels (esp. /i/ & /e/)

Continue with writing complete sentence with capital letters and punctuation mark.

  • Writer's Workshop
We will begin writing our non fiction stories. Each child will choose one animal that they would like to write about and have to research 4 facts about that animal. This will be done in class.

Social Studies

We will begin our unit on historical figures including Martin Luther King, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln.


Our students welcomed the new year with more math fun! Last week, we began to expand our knowledge with numbers to 120. Students worked with numbers and the different ways to represent them (standard form, picture form, word form, expanded form etc.). We created a "What's my number?" book where students selected a number and then showed how to write their number in four different ways. Students also played a math game called, "Roll it, Made it, Expand it".

Next week in Math, we will continue working with numbers to 120 and learning how to compare and order them.

Linked in with Math (resource links):

Place Value Song

Expanded Form

Math Challenge:

Snack with Math- use graham crackers (hundreds), pretzel sticks (tens), and marshmallows (ones) to represent numbers using picture form. students and family can create different numbers and compare who made the greatest/least number.

Chalk about Math-use sidewalk chalk and practice writing numbers in different forms.

Rolling with Math-use dice (up to three) to make a number. Then, place numbers in different places to show a different value.


Science just got better in 2015! Students will have the opportunity to practice what we learn in class at home or on their own devices. Students will be getting their usernames and passwords so that they can access Stemscopes online. They sing along to our science rock songs and explore more science resources.

Last week, we started our new unit of study called, "My World". Students were asked to bring in a sample of soil and bring a rock from home. We explored the world of rocks and learned how to classify and identify the properties of rocks. We also studied our soil samples. Like geologist, we compared our soil samples to other students' soil and used a hand lens to see what made up our soil. We learned about different types of soil, soil layers, and the effects of weathering and erosion. Students found out that all living things need rocks and soil because "dirt made our lunch"! Dirt also makes a cool dirt drawing. Ask your child about the picture they made using their soil.

Next week, we will continue our "My World" unit and learn more about our water sources.

Linked in with Science (resources):

Exploring Rocks

Types of Rocks

Curious George Video

Dirt Made my Lunch

Soil Song

Home Challenge:

Rock Collection-began a rock collection and collect rocks from different locations.

Make Dirt-use Oreo cookies (rocks) and have student break and crush cookies, then place into a clear cup, layer dark chocolate pudding and milk chocolate pudding (soil layers) on top of crushed cookies, sprinkle Oreo crumbs or chocolate sprinkles on top of pudding for "humus", and a gummy worm on top, enjoy dirt treat!

Sand Art-students can use different colors of sand and create their own soil layers in jars or other cool containers.

Make compost!

Notes and Reminders

Jan. 19th---Student Holiday (no school)

PTO Online Yearbook Sale and Spirit Gear on sale--Ongoing

Please remember to sign the blue communication folder every night. We can see a difference in behavior when the folder isn't signed on a regular bases. We like to thank everyone for their support.